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IRDA circular no. IRDA/F&I/CIR/INV/173/08/2011 dated 29" July 2011 & IRDA circular No. IRDA/ F&I/CIR/INV/234/10/2011 dated 7th October 2011
As per above circular, the insurers were expected to comply with the regulatory requirement of 'single' NAV per segregated fund, ABSLI has created seven separate funds with similar Investment Objectives & Fund Management Charge structure for switching the existing policyholders. Following are relevant details of new funds.
Fund Name Segergated Fund Identification No. (SFIN)
Group Bond Fund II ULGF01628/11/11BSLGRBOND2109
Group Fixed Interest Fund II ULGF01728/11/11BSLGFXINT2109
Group Growth Fund II ULGF01828/11/11BSLGROWTH2109
Group Money Market Fund II ULGF01928/11/11BSLGRMMKT2109
Group Secure Fund II ULGF02028/11/11BSLGSECUR2109
Group Short Term Debt Fund II ULGF02128/11/11BSLGSHTDB2109
Group Stable Fund II ULGF02228/11/11BSLGSTABL2109