ULIP - Unit Linked Insurance Plan

IN ULIP, THE INVESTMENT RISK IN INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO IS BORNE BY POLICYHOLDER. ULIP bundles the benefit of life cover and market-linked investment returns in a single policy.

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What is ULIP?

ULIP stands for Unit Linked Insurance Plan. This is the only life insurance product that offers investment exposure in capital markets. You can gain market-linked returns by investing in equity/ debt/ hybrid funds. Plus this policy covers your life, amazing right! With ULIPs you can create wealth to achieve your life goals, while the smiles of your loved ones stay protected.

Wondering How ULIP Works?

Find out with an example

What is ULIP

Importance of ULIP

Making the right choice in life has multiple rewards. When you plant a seed, not only does it grow into a fruit-bearing tree, but also provides shades to keep you cool. Think of ULIPs in a similar way. Unit Linked Insurance Plans mature into providing you with the fruits of investment and the cool shade of life protection. Following are the reasons why ULIP is important:

Financial Goals:
Desiring a comfortable life is not enough. You have to get it by proper financial planning and achieving the step-by-step goals if you want it. You may have various financial goals like buying a dream home, a car, or funding your child’s higher education, etc. You need an investment portfolio and a regular habit of investing to support that. Adding ULIPs to your portfolio is a must because they can help you with good returns by investing in capital markets over the long term.
Beating Inflation:
The purchasing power of money reduces every year due to the economy’s inflation rate. Let’s assume a case; you kept ₹1,000 in your savings account for a year which returned 4% interest in the following year. Now you have a net worth of ₹1,040. But the economy’s inflation rate stands at 5.5% for the same year, so you lost the game here! Because the inflation rate effectively cancels out the return you gained. So earning higher returns on your investments is the only way to beat inflation. ULIPs offer the opportunity to grow your wealth by investing your money in market-linked securities.
Financial security:
In life, everybody wishes their family to stay protected, always! We are sure you want this too. ULIPs offer a life cover that protects the financial future of your loved ones.
Disciplined Investor:
New heights of financial success is easy to dream of but challenging to attain. ULIP plans function with periodic regular investment in the form of premiums. This discipline of the regular investment takes you closer to the mission of wealth creation and achieving the financial goals at the right time.
Comfortable Retirement:
Have you ever thought of “How to build my investment portfolio for retirement?” If yes, do not miss out on adding ULIPs to your investment basket. Because ULIPs provide attractive returns on long-term investment. Plus, insurers offer you brownie points like loyalty additions and wealth boosters in return for staying invested for an extended period. You will have the option to choose to invest in equity or debt funds. When you start early, and your risk appetite is high, you may go with equity funds and gradually shift towards debt funds to reduce risk as you grow old. With the top-up option in ULIPs, you can add up whenever you have some extra money. All these will help you accumulate sufficient capital, and you can enjoy your retirement worry-free.
No Stress:
Once you get started with a ULIP, the fund managers of the insurance company take the responsibility of growing your money. You are free from hassling around funds, wondering, “Am I choosing the right option? Will this fund offer the best return? Am I doing it the right way?”. You are free from the stress of monitoring the funds every now and then. However, if you like to have the skin in the game, you can choose to manage and switch between funds independently.
Types of ULIPs
One of the most flexible financial products, there are different types of ULIPs available for you to choose from. They are:
ULIPs for long-term wealth creation
Structured to grow your wealth over the long-term, these ULIPs are further divided into:

  • Regular and Single Premium ULIP: In a regular premium ULIP, you need to pay premiums over a period of time. On the other hand, in a single premium ULIP, you pay the entire premium at one go. You can choose the one as per your income and cash flow.
  • Life staged based and Non-life stage based ULIP: Needs at different stages of life are different, isn’t it? Life stage based ULIPs invest your money accordingly. For example, when you are young and single, you may have a higher risk appetite, and, therefore, a higher allocation is towards equities.
    As you grow old, the equity allocation reduces. The strategy ensures asset allocation matches your age and financial requirements. However, this is not the case with a non-life stage-based plan. You choose the funds as per your risk appetite and can switch between them when desired.
  • Guaranteed and Non-Guaranteed ULIP:Capital protection is the objective of guaranteed ULIP and hence it has limited equity exposure. On the other hand, a non-guaranteed ULIP offers you a range of funds to choose from as per your risk tolerance and financial goals. In these ULIPs, you can opt for a high equity exposure for higher returns in the long run.
ULIPs to secure your child’s future
As a parent, you want to give the best of everything to your child. It’s your responsibility to secure your child’s future and ensure his/her needs are met even in your absence. ULIPs for child can help you in your efforts and ensures your child’s needs are well-taken care of even when you are no longer around.
These ULIPs help you save and build a large corpus for your child’s higher education and in case of an unfortunate event, the insurer pays a fixed lump sum that helps your family meet immediate requirements. Also, some plans offer the facility to partially withdraw to fund important education milestones of your child’s life.
ULIPs for retirement
Everyone dreams of a stress-free retirement. ULIPs for retirement help you save and invest in a disciplined manner to build a large retirement corpus that enables you to take care of your post-retirement needs with ease.
While the purpose of the above-mentioned ULIP plans may differ, each one of them help you in disciplined savings and investments to achieve your set goal.
Our ULIP Plans
ABSLI Wealth Aspire Plan
ABSLI Wealth Aspire Plan
Achieve your financial goals
ABSLI Wealth Aspire Plan
2 plan and 4 investment option
ABSLI Wealth Aspire Plan
Partial Withdrawals flexibility
ABSLI Wealth Aspire Plan
Guaranteed additions10
ABSLI Wealth Aspire Plan
Add Top-ups
You may Get:
₹40,000 for 5 years
ABSLI Wealth Assure Plus
ABSLI Wealth Assure Plus
Covers death, critical illness, and total permanent disability
ABSLI Wealth Assure Plus
5 investment strategies / 16 funds
ABSLI Wealth Assure Plus
Premium waiver
ABSLI Wealth Assure Plus
Riders benefits
ABSLI Wealth Assure Plus
Guaranteed additions10
You may Get:
ABSLI Wealth Secure Plan
ABSLI Wealth Secure Plan
Whole life coverage and long term investments
ABSLI Wealth Secure Plan
3 investment options
ABSLI Wealth Secure Plan
Guaranteed additions10
ABSLI Wealth Secure Plan
Top-up flexibility
ABSLI Wealth Secure Plan
Surrender Benefits
You may Get:
₹30,000 for 5 years
ABSLI Fortune Elite Plan
ABSLI Fortune Elite Plan
Cover your life and grow your wealth
ABSLI Fortune Elite Plan
Flexible premium paying terms
ABSLI Fortune Elite Plan
Partial withdrawal benefits
ABSLI Fortune Elite Plan
Guaranteed additions10
ABSLI Fortune Elite Plan
Maturity benefits
You may Get:
₹75,000 for 5 years
ABSLI Wealth Infinia
ABSLI Wealth Infinia
Helps you in building a legacy fund
ABSLI Wealth Infinia
Return of premium allocation charges
ABSLI Wealth Infinia
Systematic withdrawal
ABSLI Wealth Infinia
Loyalty additions
ABSLI Wealth Infinia
5 investment strategies / 16 funds
You may get:
₹72,35,830 lakhs
₹50 lakhs7
ABSLI Wealth Max Plan
ABSLI Wealth Max Plan
Single premium ULIP
ABSLI Wealth Max Plan
Full Policy term benefits
ABSLI Wealth Max Plan
Guaranteed Additions
ABSLI Wealth Max Plan
16 funds - Self-managed option
ABSLI Wealth Max Plan
Top-up options
Sum assured:
Upto 10X basic premium
Minimum one-time premium:
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Benefits Of ULIP Plan
ULIP is a financial product that provides you life cover as well as opportunity to invest in capital markets to create wealth. ULIP offers the following benefits:
ULIP Benefits
Life Cover:
ULIP covers your life and financially secures your family’s future. In case of the death of the life insured, a sum assured is paid to the nominee.
ULIP Benefits
Flexible Investment Option:
ULIPs offer flexibility to choose from a wide range of funds. You have complete transparency and control over where your hard-earned money is invested.
ULIP Benefits
Long-term Investment Rewards:
ULIP provides rewards for long-term investments like loyalty additions and wealth boosters.
ULIP Benefits
Tax Savings:
Tax benefits2 can be availed on premium paid towards ULIP policy. Under section 80C, the policyholder can save up to ₹1.5 lakhs every year in tax deduction. The claim amount received upon the death of the life insured is also tax exempted under section 10(10D).
ULIP Benefits
Withdrawal Benefit:
In case of a financial emergency or any unforeseen future event, you can withdraw a portion from the accumulated fund value after 5 years of lock-in period is over. Such withdrawal is tax-free.
ULIP Benefits
Easy Risk Management:
ULIPs provides options to switch in between the investment funds. Whenever you feel the fund you are invested in is risky, you can switch to a different fund. If your risk appetite is high, you can go for equity funds. Those who want safer investments can put their money in debt funds
ULIP Benefits
Growth Potential:
ULIPs offer higher growth potential by investing in equity and debt funds. These plans can help you meet your long and short-term financial goals in a sustainable way. For example, looking at the rising education costs you planned to fund your child’s higher education after 20 years. By investing in ULIPs today you can build the required corpus over the next 20 years, so that your child can enroll in the best university. You can also customize ULIPs to attain short-term financial goals like buying your first car.
Why choose ULIP Plans from Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance?
Our ULIP plans are designed to offer you comprehensive protection, instill a disciplined savings habit and invest in a planned manner to accumulate wealth for essential life goals.
Our plans offer you flexibility to add top-ups as per your savings. Also, basis your risk appetite, you have the flexibility to choose from various investment options with our plans to meet your investment needs.
Partial Withdrawals:
Our plans enable you to partially withdraw the amount from your funds in case of any emergency.
High Claim Settlement Ratio:
The higher the claims settlement ratio, the better it is. Our claims settlement ratio is standing at 98.04%8. Additionally, our claims settlement process is fast, smooth and simple, which ensures your claims are settled in due time, hassle-free
Strong Legacy:
We, at Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance (ABSLI), are proud of our legacy. We are the life insurance subsidiary of Aditya Birla Capital Ltd., the holding company of the financial services businesses of the Aditya Birla Group, one of India’s leading conglomerates, valued at USD 48.3 billion, in the league of Fortune 500.
Fund Options:
Our ULIP plans come with following investment options:
  • LifeCycle Option -This option allows us to manage and administer your investment portfolio on your behalf and according to your risk profile.
  • Smart Option - Under this option, your portfolio will be structured as per your maturity date and risk profile. Over time the allocation is managed such that it will automatically switch from riskier assets to safer assets progressively as your plan approaches maturity.
  • Systematic Transfer Option - This option safeguards your wealth against the market volatilities and is available only if you have opted for annual mode. Under STO, at inception you can choose to transfer the fund on monthly basis or weekly basis. You may choose up to 4 funds for your premium to be transferred to.
  • Return Optimiser Option - This option enables you to take advantage of the equity market, protect your gains from the future market volatility and create a more stable sequencing of investment returns.
  • Self-Managed Option - Under this option, you get access to our well-established suite of 16 segregated funds, complete control in how to invest your premiums and full freedom to switch from one segregated fund to another. Kindly refer to sales brochures for detailed explanation.

Features of ULIPs

ULIP is a dual benefit insurance cum investment policy. The policy gives you life insurance protection and helps you to attain your long term financial goals. Below are the key features of ULIP:

Features of ULIP - ABSLI
Low Entry Age:
You can invest in ULIP for your newborn! Plan options with a minimum entry age of 30days available
Features of ULIP - ABSLI
Self-fund management:
You can have complete control over investment funds.
Features of ULIP - ABSLI
Switch Funds:
You may choose to switch among a variety of funds to invest in.
Features of ULIP - ABSLI
Long-Term Investment:
Stay invested to get guaranteed additions10 like loyalty additions or wealth boosters.
Features of ULIP - ABSLI
Top-up premium:
Add top-ups when you have additional savings.
Features of ULIP - ABSLI
Flexible payment modes:
One time / annual / semi-annual / quarterly / monthly.
Features of ULIP - ABSLI
Buy Online:
Stay in home & buy ULIP Plan Online.

Who should buy ULIP?

ULIP is for everyone who has mid to long term goals of savings and wants to grow their money. Who doesn’t want it! Below are a few individuals that should consider investing in ULIPs:

Who Should Buy ULIP - ABSLI
Aggressive Investors:
ULIP plans offer high returns with equity funds. Those who are willing to take high risks to grow their money quickly can invest in ULIPs and should choose the equity funds.
Who Should Buy ULIP - ABSLI
Conservative Investors:
Individuals having a lower risk appetite and who want to build wealth in a safer way should invest in ULIPs with debt fund investment options.
Who Should Buy ULIP - ABSLI
Young Individuals:
Individuals in their 20s and 30s must have ULIPs in their retirement portfolios. Generally, young individuals have high-risk appetites. So they can start investing in ULIPs with equity funds and gradually shift towards low-risk debt fund options as they age. This can help in a good return ensuring a comfortable retirement life.
Who Should Buy ULIP - ABSLI
Married Couples:
Married couples who generally plan to accumulate funds for future needs must buy ULIP. Because they have medium to long-term life goals like buying a car, house, becoming parents, etc. So ULIP is a suitable option.
Who Should Buy ULIP - ABSLI
As a parent, you can protect your children’s future with ULIP plans. There are ULIP plans with an entry age of 30 days. So once you become a parent, you can invest in ULIP for your infant too.
Who Should Buy ULIP - ABSLI
Expert Investors:
There are many individuals with sound investment knowledge and they like to closely track their investments. ULIP is a good investment for them. Because it has options to offer full control over choosing investment funds and switching between them for desired returns.
Who Should Buy ULIP - ABSLI
The people who are looking for a tax rebate can buy ULIP. The premium you pay towards the ULIP is eligible for tax deductions under Section 80C. Every year, up to Rs.1.5 lakhs can be saved with ULIP.
How does ULIP work?
Working of a Unit-Linked Insurance Plan is pretty simple. The insurer invests a part of the premium you have paid in shares or bonds, and the rest is invested in providing life cover.

Once you pay the premium, there are several more investors who invest in the same portfolio. The insurer further pools this money and after deducting the expenses invests in the fund chosen by you. It could be either equity, balanced or debt funds. The total sum of money is further divided into units.

The insurance company allocated these units to each investor in accordance to the amount invested. This unit value is called NAV or Net Asset Value. The units NAV either increase or decrease based on the market value. On maturity of the plan, the insurer pays the fund value to the investors depending upon the market value. In case of your death, the insurer pays your beneficiary higher than the fund value or available fund value.

Do you know ULIPs also allow you to switch between equities and debt and vice-versa if you wish to do so. If equity markets are not doing well, you can switch to debt to preserve your gains. On the other hand, if you have a high-risk tolerance, you can move from debt to equity. This flexibility has made ULIP policies highly popular.
Tips for wealth creation through ULIPs
Individuals who belong to a goal oriented financial journey should invest in different options to grow their wealth. While ULIP is a must-add product for your investment portfolio, it's not the end game! Maximising your gains with ULIPs should be in your interest. How to do that? Below are a few tips:
Tips for Wealth Creation - ULIP - ABSLI
Optimize Asset Allocation wisely:
ULIPs allow you to switch between funds, equity to debt and vice-versa, when needed. You can use this strategy to optimize your asset allocation and diversify your investments. This also prevents the loss of accumulated gains due to market volatility.

For example, when equities are doing good, you could invest more in them and less in debt. On the contrary, when the markets are down, you can shift your investments from equities to debt to preserve your gains. Thus, by switching wisely and spreading your investments across asset classes, you can make meaningful gains.
Tips for Wealth Creation - ULIP - ABSLI
Adopt a Long-Term Approach to Benefit from the Power of Compounding:
Note that since returns from ULIPs are market-linked, you need to stay invested for the long term to make meaningful gains. Also, if you stay invested for the long haul, say 15-20 years, it allows you to benefit from the power of compounding, which has a multiplier effect on wealth.

Did you know that the great Albert Einstein famously remarked it as the eighth wonder of the world? With compounding, the interest generated is reinvested with the principal amount that adds to your wealth.
Tips for Wealth Creation - ULIP - ABSLI
Align Investment with Financial Goals:
Goal-based investment ensures you have the funds when required. For example, if you are looking to build a sizeable corpus for your child’s higher education and have chosen equity funds in your ULIP plan, reduce its exposure and move to debt as you near the goal.

This ensure the gains made over the year are protected from getting eroded due to market volatility.

ULIP Riders

Riders are additional covers that can be purchased along with a ULIP. Riders enhance the scope of coverage under a basic ULIP plan at a nominal premium amount. There are multiple options one can choose as per the requirement.

Tips to Choose ULIP
The following tips can help you buy ULIPs in an efficient way.
Tips to Choose ULIP - ABSLI
Evaluate the Risk Associated with Funds:
Before investing in ULIP, you must be sure of your risk tolerance. Aggressive investors can opt for equity funds whereas, those who want low risk investment options can opt for debt funds
Tips to Choose ULIP - ABSLI
Performance of the ULIP:
Check the performance of ULIP over the long term before buying. You should check the performance of equity, debt, or hybrid funds against indices such as Nifty 50, BSE 100, NSE 500, etc.
Tips to Choose ULIP - ABSLI
Charges of ULIP:
Buying a ULIP involves several charges like allocation charges, initial charges, and surrender charges. Find out about these costs when you have to choose the right ULIP.
Tips to Choose ULIP - ABSLI
Understand the Plan:
Each ULIP is different from another. Consider all the features of ULIP to check if the plan is aligned with your financial goals and make an informed decision.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about ULIP and explore how it will benefit you.

ULIP insurance plan is a life insurance policy that provides you life protection along with the benefit of wealth creation. The premium which you pay towards the cover is divided in two heads. One portion is dedicated towards the life cover and the other half is invested in capital markets.
5 years. You can’t exit or make partial withdrawals before 5 years from the date of investment.
In a ULIP, the policyholder can choose to invest in different funds depending on the risk absorption capacity. The total monetary worth of the funds which the policyholder owns is called fund value. The fund value is achieved by multiplying the number of units by Net Asset Value (NAV). For example: if the policyholder owns 12000 units at the price of Rs.20 per unit, the fund value is Rs.3 lakhs.
The following are the types of funds in ULIP:
  • Equity Funds: The premium under the equity funds are invested in the equity market. The risk associated with this type of fund stands tall.
  • Debt Funds: Debt funds generate returns for investors by investing money in bonds and fixed-income securities. So the risk factor is low.
  • Combined Funds: When the premium is balanced between the debt and the equity funds to minimize the risk of investors, it is called combined funds.
A ULIP plan provides life insurance and investment opportunities at the same time as a portion of the premium you pay provides life cover. Another portion of the premium you pay is invested in the market to generate returns and create wealth. The return on investment depends on the fund you choose to invest in.
Buying a ULIP plan provides these benefits:
  • Protection cum investment in a single product
  • Flexibility of investments in your choice of funds
  • Partial withdrawal facilities for the time when you need liquidity in emergencies
  • Tax Benefits³
Yes, you can easily switch your investments between two different funds. You can read about the complete process here.
Yes, you can invest in equity funds through ULIP plans. You can choose to invest in different funds like equity, debt, and combined. Investing in Equity through ULIP plans is for the policyholders who look for higher returns in a long period of time. Though the risk of investing in equity is higher than the debt funds, the returns are also more.
The sum assured under a life insurance policy is the amount which the family receives in case the policyholder passes away during the policy term. Under a ULIP insurance plan, the minimum sum assured is 10 times the annual premium.
For example, you buy ABSLI Wealth Assure Plus ULIP to protect your income against death, disease, and disability. Your current age is 40 years and you want the insurance for yourself. For a policy term 15 years, premium paying term 10 years, and payment frequency monthly, basic annual premium will be Rs.24,000 for a sum assured of Rs.2,40,000/- under Smart Option
The benefit which the policyholder receives after surviving the policy term and paying the premium is referred to as maturity benefit. It may also include components of bonuses earned, depending on the insurance type you have purchased.
Under a ULIP plan, the policyholder is eligible to receive maturity benefit if she/he survives beyond the maturity period. Upon maturity, you get death benefit or the fund value, whichever is higher.
Yes, it is. ULIP offers wide investment options along with a life cover to the policyholder. ULIPs, as an investment option, is a great choice for individuals with a long term financial plan of creating wealth. Individuals who aim for a safe retirement, children’s education, or other financial goals.

With ULIP, you don’t have to buy different products for life cover and investment. You get it in a single product. Returns on investment under ULIP plans are based on market performance. This in turn pushes the policyholder towards a higher chance of building a sizable corpus for important life goals, if you stay invested for the long term.
ULIP plan comes with a lock-in period which indicates that you cannot withdraw any funds during this period. The plan continues only if you pay the premium every year. You can withdraw from your ULIP plan policy only after completion of the mandatory lock-in period of 5 years. In other words, you can’t withdraw before 5 years from the date of investment.
The risks depend on your choice of funds in an ULIP. Risks are higher with equity funds and lower with debt funds.
There are around 5 charges involved in ULIP plans are:
  • Premium Allocation Charge: Premium allocation charge is the percentage of first year premium charged by the insurance company before allocating the policy. Say for example 5% is the premium allocation charge and your total premium is Rs.40,000/-. The premium allocation charge of Rs.2000/- will be deducted and the rest Rs.38,000/- will be invested.
  • Policy Administration Charge: Policy administration charge is the fee charged by the insurance company for the administration of policy. These charges are deducted by cancelling the units in proportion from funds you have selected.
  • Mortality Charge: The charge is imposed by the insurance company to provide the death cover to the policyholder.
  • Fund Management Charge: The charge is imposed by the insurance company as the percentage of funds on the account of management of funds. The charges are deducted before arriving at the Net Asset Value. The maximum charges allowed is 1.35 % per annum of the fund value and is charged daily.
  • Surrender Charge: If the policyholder surrenders the policy before time. Surrender charges are a percentage of fund value and premium. The surrender charges in ULIP for the first four years will range from Rs.1000 -Rs.3000, depending on the premium paid. After the fifth year, no surrender charges will be levied.

For a long-term plan, people should not bother about these charges as the kind of returns these plans give in the long run should be able to recover all the charges borne in the initial years.
Yes, you can make partial withdrawals but only after the completion of the lock-in period. Generally, you can’t withdraw more than around 25% of the fund value. Partial withdrawals are tax-free.
The death benefit of ULIP states that if the policyholder passes away during the policy term, the nominee gets the sum assured or the fund value (whichever is higher) or both.
Yes, you can limit your exposure by switching funds. If you have attained your financial goal then you must switch the investment to the debt funds. Some companies provide unlimited switching charges while others cap the number of switches. Every time to switch you will have to pay the switching charges.
With ULIP, you get the complete freedom to choose between a range of investment funds such as equity, debt, or even a mix of both. With respect to equity funds, you also get to choose from further categories of fund options such as large-cap, mid-cap, or small-cap funds. This is why ULIPs are among the most flexible and customizable investment options around.

In addition to these choices, you also get the flexibility to switch between these various types of funds at any point during your investment term.

For instance, you could switch from equity funds to debt funds when the market sentiments appear unfavorable, and thereby ensure that your plan for wealth creation doesn't hit a roadblock. And when the equity markets are favorable, you could opt for a high proportion of equity investments in your ULIP portfolio. Or, you could choose to invest in hybrid funds that consist of a mix of both equity and debt to diversify your risk and protect your investments from market fluctuations. Also, you could increase your ULIP corpus through a top-up investment. Whenever you have additional savings, you can put more money into your ULIP. Ideally, investors choose this when their ULIP is already performing well and they’d like to take advantage of the situation to maximise their returns.
You can calculate the fund value on a particular day by multiplying the net asset value (NAV) of each unit on that particular day by the number of units held. The fund value keeps changing basis the net asset value (NAV).

The NAV is the per unit price of a fund.

You can assess the fund value by visiting https://lifeinsurance.adityabirlacapital.com/about-us/know-our-funds.
You can maximize your ULIP return by using the following tips:
  • Spread your ULIP investments across various asset classes
  • Switch between equity & debt funds basis your risk appetite & financial goals
  • Stay invested for a long term & benefit from the power of compounding
  • Align your investments with financial goals
A right time to invest in ULIPs is when you have steady income & are willing to stay invested for a longer period. ULIPs help you tide over market ups and downs as you can invest in them when the markets are down or are on the upswing. ULIPs have a lock-in period of 5 years and the earlier you start, better it is as you can benefit from power of compounding and fulfil your financial goals.
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  • Disclaimer

    1 ABSLI Wealth Aspire Plan. Basic annual premium: ₹40,000. Sum assured: ₹4,00,000, Premium Payment Term 5 years, Policy Term 10 years, Returns ₹301,632/- Refer to policy brochure for more details.
    2 Tax benefits are subject to changes in tax laws. Kindly consult your financial advisor for more details
    3 ABSLI Wealth Secure Plan is a whole life policy. Age 30 years healthy male, You give ₹30,000/- for 5 years(₹1,50,000 in total), You get ₹94,95,186/-depending on the funds(here chosen mnc fund: 50%, pure equity fund: 50%). Life Cover ₹3,00,000, Premium Paying Term: 5 years Annual, Investment Option: Self Managed. Refer to policy brochure for more details.
    4 ABSLI Wealth Assure Plus plan for 30 years of a healthy male. Plan type: Classic. Investment option: Smart option. Risk Profile: Moderate. Payment frequency: Yearly. Basic annual premium: ₹24,000. Policy Term: 15 years. Premium paying term: 10 years. Refer to policy brochure for more details.
    5 ABSLI Fortune Elite Plan. Give Annual premium: ₹75,000 for 5 years. Get ₹11,20,674/- @8%return, Life Cover ₹7,50,000, PPT: 5 years Annual, Policy Term 20 years, Investment Option: Self-managed (mnc fund: 50%, pure equity fund: 50%).Refer to policy brochure for more details.
    6 ABSLI Wealth Max Plan. Policy term: 5/10/15/20 years. Basic Premium: Minimum ₹1,00,000 for Policy Term 5 & 10 years; Minimum ₹2,00,000 for Policy Term 15 & 20 years. Basic Sum Assured: 1.25 / 5 / 10 times the Basic Premium. Refer to policy brochure for more details.
    7 ABSLI Wealth Infinia. Annual Premium: ₹5,00,000, Investment Option: Self Managed (mnc fund: 50%, pure equity fund: 50%), Policy Term 10 years, Regular Pay, Plan Option: Milestone Variant, Sum Assured Option: 10 times.
    8 As per annual audited figures submitted to IRDAI for the period FY 20-21
    9 As per annual audited figures submitted to IRDAI for the period FY 20-21
    10 Provided all due premiums are paid.
    ABSLI Wealth Infinia is a unit-linked non-participating individual life insurance savings plan. (UIN: 109L129V01)
    ABSLI Wealth Assure Plus is a non-participating unit linked life insurance plan. (UIN: 109L120V02)
    ABSLI Wealth Max Plan is a non-participating unit linked life insurance savings plan. (UIN: 109L073V05)
    ABSLI Wealth Secure Plan is a non-participating unit linked life insurance savings plan (UIN: 109L074V05 )
    ABSLI Fortune Elite Plan is a non-participating unit linked life insurance plan. (UIN: 109L090V04)
    ABSLI Wealth Aspire Plan is a non-participating unit linked life insurance plan. (UIN:109L100V05)
    The linked Insurance Products do not offer any liquidity during the first five years of the contract. The policyholder will not be able to surrender/withdraw the monies invested in Linked Insurance Products completely or partially till the end of the fifth year from inception. This policy is underwritten by Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Limited (ABSLI). Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance, ABSLI Wealth Max Plan, ABSLI Wealth Infinia, ABSLI Wealth Assure Plus, ABSLI Wealth Secure Plan, ABSLI Fortune Elite Plan and ABSLI Wealth Aspire Plan are only the names of the Company and Policy respectively and do not in any way indicate their quality, future prospects or returns. The name of the funds offered in this plan does not in any way indicate their quality, future prospects or returns. The charges are guaranteed throughout the term of the policy unless specifically mentioned and subject to IRDAI approval. The value of the segregated fund reflects the value of the underlying investments. These investments are subject to market risks and change in fundamentals such as tax rates etc affecting the investment portfolio. The premium paid in unit linked life insurance policies are subject to investment risk associated with capital markets and the unit price of the units may go up or down based on the performance of segregated fund and factors influencing the capital market and the policyholder is responsible for his/her decisions. There is no guarantee or assurance of returns above the guaranteed returns from the segregated funds. GST and any other applicable taxes levied as per extant tax laws shall be deducted from the premium or from the allotted units as applicable. An extra premium may be charged as per our then existing underwriting guidelines for substandard lives. For further details please refer to the policy contract. Tax benefits are subject to changes in the tax laws" For more details and clarification call your ABSLI Insurance Advisor or visit our website and see how we can help in making your dreams come true. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. ADV/6/22-23/508