Hazardous Avocation


Hazardous Avocation is the risky activity or hobby that is considered a risk for insurance purposes.


Individuals who are engaged in risky sports or hobbies that increase the probability of risk for life insurance are called hazardous avocation. The avocation defines the additional work you do along with your mainstream job either to earn money or as a hobby. If it involves risk or poses risk to your life, then it is termed as hazardous avocation.Some of the activities involved for hazardous avocation include deep sea diving and free fall skydiving.


Prateek worked in an IT company in Singapore. He was fond of water-surfing and on weekends pursued it as his hobby. Prateek trained people for surfing and earned money out of it. His hobby could bring risk for the life insurer as Prateek was engaged in a hazardous avocation. The insurance company may then issue the insurance policy with terms and conditions specified.