Accidental Death and Disability Rider


Accidental Death and Disability Rider is an optional additional coverage. The insurance company pays under the rider if the life insured dies or gets disabled due to an unforeseen accident. The insurer will pay the benefit if the life insured dies anytime within 180 days of the accident.


The Accidental death and disability rider can be combined with the base life insurance policy you buy to assure comprehensive financial protection for your family.

The rider cover pays the dependents if the life insured died after a severe accident. The insured will also receive payment for the total or partial disability that arises from an accident. The payment for disability is made as a percentage of the rider sum assured based on bodily injury. For instance, in the total loss of limbs, the insured gets 100% of the sum assured and 25% in case of a total loss of one limb.

The rider cover does not pay if the death happens when the life insured is under the influence of alcohol or is engaged in some adventures, self-destruction, narcotics, drugs, war, and others


Arjun took a term plan worth Rs.1 crore. He also purchased an accidental death and disability rider for Rs.50 lakhs. While at work, he was hit by a loader vehicle as the driver lost control of it. Arjun was severely injured and was rushed to the hospital immediately. During the surgery, Arjun lost one limb. Under this situation, Arjun was paid the compensation as 25% of the rider sum assured. He received a sum of Rs.12,50,000/-. Had Arjun lost his life, the family would have received Rs.1.50 crores as the total benefit under the policy.