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  • Rights and Duties

    As a policyholder, you have the right to:

    • Have complete knowledge of the policy\plan you are planning to purchase (Terms & Conditions, Benefits, Policy Term, Pay Term, Premium)
    • Exercise the Free look period
    • Lodge a grievance against the insurer
    • Know the timelines and procedures related to Claims
    • Obtain a copy of the application form along with your Policy Document

    As a policyholder, it is your duty to:

    • Keep your contact information updated with the insurer at all times
    • Ensure timely premium payments to enjoy continued policy benefits
    • Not handover or disclose any information related to your policy to a third party
    • Obtain an acknowledgement for the premium paid or any document provided to the company
    • Inform the insurer if any third party has promised fake bonuses on cancellation of policy
    • Appoint a nominee in the policy
    • Keep your beneficiaries informed about the policy
    • Not sign blank application forms and fill all details yourself
  • Making the premium payments

    • You can make cash payments of premiums upto Rs.50,000 per policy holder per month
    • Kindly do not prepare any cheque or draft which is payable to any individual
    • All premium cheques should be made payable to "Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Limited" and all cheques to be marked as "A/c Payee"
    • Kindly fill in the cheque carefully as recent RBI guidelines indicate that any corrections /alterations of payee name or amount in payment instruments (cheques) will not be honoured even with a ratifying signature
  • Making a nomination

    • Appointing a nominee helps your loved ones to get hassle free access to the policy benefits in the hour of need.
    • Appointing a nominee for the policy is possible only where the owner and the insured is the same person.
    • You may nominate more than one person under a policy; however percentage wise nomination is not permitted.
    • You may change/add nominees anytime during the tenure of the policy.
    • A minor can be nominated, however for all such nomination an appointee who is a Major need to be appointed.
    • Click here for the nomination form to be used for fresh/addition/change of nominee. Kindly take care to complete the form in all respects
  • Know our regulator

    • Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority of India (IRDAI):
      • IRDAI is the regulator for the insurance industry
      • Various regulations, guidelines & circulars for the insurance industry are issued by IRDAI
      • IRDAI also ensures adherence to the Insurance Act, 1938
  • Completing the Proposal Form

    • Please do not sign blank proposal forms/service request forms
    • Kindly countersign any modifications made in the proposal form
    • Please attach the documents applicable to your annualized premium as they are mandated by regulations:
      • <Rs.10,000 - ID proof
      • >Rs.10,000 but <Rs.1 lac - Id proof, photograph & address proof
      • >=Rs.1 lac - Id proof, photograph, address proof & income proof; PAN card
    • Kindly make sure that while filling the proposal form for any policy, all material disclosures are made. (Especially with respect to your health, earlier policies held by you, etc.) – As per Section 45 of the Insurance Act, 1938, if any claim has been received within 2 years of risk commencement date and if investigations prove that there was material non-disclosures / misstatements made in the proposal form/during issuance of policy, the insurance company has a right to deny the claim.
  • Standardization And Enhancement Of Security Features Of Cheques

    As per the directives issued by RBI, with effect from January 1, 2014, a separate clearing session will be introduced for clearing of non- CTS 2010 standard cheques. This clearing session will operate thrice a week. Accordingly, there will be a delay in realization of non-CTS 2010 cheques.

    Therefore, to facilitate faster and safer processing of cheques, we request you to surrender your existing non-CTS-2010 standard cheques on or before December 31, 2013 and place a request for issuance of CTS-2010 standard cheques with your bank.

    • The Branch address and IFSC code should be on the top left side of the cheque (instead of the bottom).
    • The word "CTS-2010" must be printed on the left hand side of the cheque near perforation.
    • Date space will be in a box format.
    • Rupee symbol should appear in the space where the amount in figures/numbers is mentioned.
    • CTS 2010 watermark must be present (this can be seen if you hold the cheque against a bright light).

    Sample image of a CTS-compliant cheque leaf:



    Just observe if the 5 things mentioned above are visible on your existing cheque leaf or not. If they are, then your cheque book is CTS-compliant. If not, we would request you to visit your bank and apply for/collect new CTS-2010 standad compliant cheques for efficient banking activity.

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