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What is Child Plan?

Child insurance plan helps parents secure their child's future. Insuring your child's future is a necessity in today's uncertain world. This policy enables parents to provide financial stability to their young ones during key milestones of life, be it in their presence or absence.

Why do you need to have a Child Plan?

It is one of the best ways to save enough with regular premiums for future needs of your child like pursuing higher education within the country/abroad or starting their own business, either of them requires significant financial support & can be an important moment in your & your child's life. It becomes important for parents to ensure that their kid's ambitions are never handicapped by absence of money. Know the premium to be paid against your plan with Child insurance Plan Calculator.
Financial protection feature in child investment plan ensures that your child would not have to be dependent on anyone else for their financial needs in an hour of crisis or your absence.

Child Plans By ABSLI

ABSLI Vision Star Plan

We understand that you always want to give your child the best of everything. From the moment you hold your baby so carefully in your arms, you want to protect him/her from the vulnerability and uncertainties of life. You question yourself time and again, 'Have I done enough? Am I prepared to fulfill every single dream... KNOW MORE

ABSLI Child’s Future Assured Plan

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  • Medical treatment:

    Hospitalization and medical care has become expensive today. So, when your child needs the medical aid; the child insurance plan comes to your rescue. By insuring your child's future through plans that provide such aid you not only safeguard their health but also save on huge medical expenses.

  • Educational purpose:

    Child plan can be your superhero in disguise if your child wants to pursue his/her career at a premium college. Education has become expensive due to the rising inflation and so it is better to start early in order to reap the advantages of advance & timely planning by having your child's education plan secured.

  • Collateral security:

    Child future plan can act as an added security against loans. In case of any need, you can use it to raise funds.

  • Financial support:

    The policy comes with an added insurance benefit. So, when the parent dies the child/appointee gets the amount at the time of maturity along with an annual payout every year. This helps the child to manage financial requirements in the event of his/her parent's demise.

How does Child Insurance Policy work?

First you need to decide the cover amount and then accordingly fill the application form. Next the insurance company will calculate the premium amount that needs to be paid as per your cover amount. Then you need to choose if you want to make a lumpsum payment or pay regular premiums. Once you have decided on the premium frequency, you can start your policy.

In an unfortunate event of the parent's demise, the child/appointee receives a portion of the maturity amount annually by the insurer and all the premiums thereafter will be waived of. At maturity, the child will receive the entire cover amount.

If the cover amount is never used until the maturity then the entire sum assured is given to the child. The parent can partially withdraw in case of an emergency for the child's purpose only.

Protecting your children from the uncertainties in this world might seem difficult but it isn't impossible. The steps you take today will have an impact on your child's tomorrow. While choosing one plan for your little one, you need to take a few factors into consideration to avoid any chaos later.

  • Early start:

    It is always better to start early and take the step of securing your child's future and aspirations by investing and insuring. Most child investment plans in India offer maturity benefit and start giving out payouts at the key milestones of life. Your child reaps maximum benefits if you start investing early.

  • Premium Waiver Benefit:

    In case of sudden death of the parent, the insurance companies waive the benefit. This is called premium waiver benefit and plays a crucial role after the parent's unfortunate demise. As promised during the purchase of policy/plan, the child receives full benefit at maturity. This rider must be chosen if not inbuilt.

  • Partial Withdrawal Option:

    There is no given time for any unfortunate events to occur, therefore, having the option of partial withdrawal for the child plan is always safe. The policy holder can withdraw a partial amount at any instance of emergency.

  • Understanding the terms and conditions:

    It is mandatory to understand the terms and conditions before you sign the documents, especially when it comes to securing your child's future. This enables one to pay attention to any minute detail and a complete understanding of the clauses.

It is important to evaluate the characteristics and features of every plan. It helps one have a better understanding about the plan. Planning for your child's future is one of the most quintessential parts of a parent's life. Providing for your child and his/her dreams is one of the key benefits of child future plan.

  • Premium amount:

    It is subject to sum assured and the amount of maturity benefit you opt for. So, one does not have to pay any excess amount and has a clear idea about the money being used in child investment plans.

  • Premium Payment mode sum assured:

    The sum assured must not be less than 10 times your current income. The premiums can be paid monthly, annually, semi-annually, quarterly or single premium (paid just once). This gives you a proper breather in between your two premiums.

  • Policy term:

    It is important to choose the term wisely. So, if your child is 12 years then it is wise enough to take a policy term for 6 years.

  • Maturity amount:

    One needs to take various factors in consideration when deciding upon the maturity amount. So, it is better to take financial advisors help while opting for an amount.

  • Waiver of premium:

    If the parent dies, the child gets the entire cover amount without having to pay any further premiums. This ensures that there is no financial burden on the child and he/she can live a secure and sound life.

  • Partial withdrawals:

    It is best to choose a plan that allows you partial withdrawal because it would cover the additional expenses at some key moments of your child's life.

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Frequently Asked Questions


There is no age limit to buy a child plan. However, the maturity of the same is at 18 years of age because the child enters adulthood. So in order to receive maximum benefits it is better to start early.


Yes, you can buy a child insurance plan right since the month your baby is born at a low cost premium.


According to the section 80C the premiums paid for children investment plan is eligible for tax deduction whereas the income from the plan is tax-free under section 10 (10D).