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Are you planning for your retirement correctly?

Often, we erroneously believe that the most important years of a person's life start in young age and peak in the 40s. However, the most important years begin at age 60. In the autumn of one's life, when a regular income stops but expenses continue unabated, it is often a tightrope walk between daily living costs and increasing medical expenses.

Too often, people begin thinking about their retirement once they cross the age of 50. Retirement looms large and suddenly seems much closer than it is. But it is never too soon to plan for one's peaceful and worry-free retirement. And Birla Sun Life Insurance has the best retirement plans that are helping scores of Indian retirees live their life on their own terms after 60 years of age.

Consider these three exceptional pension plans from Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance:

  • ABSLI Empower Pension Plan: This is a unit-linked non-participating pension plan that helps you create a savings corpus for your retirement years. You can take the plan when you are 25 years of age and it has a regular pay term. You can pay annually, semi-annually, quarterly and annually. You can also choose a vesting date to get an accumulation period of five to 30 years.

  • ABSLI Immediate Annuity Plan: This retirement plan provides a much-needed source of income in the golden years. You can convert your savings or regular lump sum payments into a guaranteed source of income over your lifetime. Besides, you can avail of this income when you choose to after the age of 60. The pay-out on the plan is made monthly, quarterly, half-annually and annually – you can choose the frequency. The option chosen will determine the premium payment. There are 6 annuity options to choose from.

  • ABSLI Empower Pension – SP Plan: This is a unit-linked insurance plan that helps augment your savings for a stress-free retirement. It is a single-pay pension plan in which you pay a single premium to get an accumulation benefit. How this works is that the returns on the premium are managed by ABSLI's trusted managers, such that the retirement corpus created over the years can be paid out when you vest the policy. However, you cannot withdraw the money invested till five years of the plan are completed.

Thus, these three pension plans go a long way in giving you the peace of mind and freedom from financial worry that you seek in your retirement years.

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