Five Things to do for Maintaining Cardiac Health Naturally

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Five Things to do for Maintaining Cardiac Health Naturally

Idioms like 'get to the heart of something' and 'from the bottom of the heart' are often used in daily conversations. The word 'heart' is used to signify the gravity or seriousness of a matter. The usage of the word is not a coincidence though. The heart pumps blood and is central to the functioning of all bodily functions. Any failure in maintaining cardiovascular health can lead to serious ailments and even death. One can make slight changes to his/her lifestyle and maintain cardiac health naturally. Here are five things that you should do to for maintaining a healthy heart.

  • Exercise:

    An active lifestyle has given way to a sedentary one after the advent of technology. However, a lack of adequate physical activity has a harmful effect on the heart. Over 150 minutes of moderate level of physical activity in a week can help in maintaining your healthy heart. Divide the workout into 30-minute slots and perform a physical activity of your liking.

  • Eat well:

    The food that you consume has a significant impact on the heart. Eating less sugar and saturated fat and increasing the intake of fruits, vegetables and other high-fibre foods can help you keep your heart healthy. One should keep a check on the consumption of junk food, soft drinks and fried products as these could have a direct impact on your cardiac health.

  • Control diabetes:

    It is crucial to monitor your blood sugar level at all times as diabetes is a common disease in the country. High sugar levels can damage the blood vessels over time and affect the functioning of the heart. While precaution is necessary, it is also important to have protection against cardiovascular diseases. Use a health plan calculator and purchase a health insurance plan that suits your budget.

  • Quit smoking:

    The components that enter the body due to smoking get accumulated in the vessels and harm the heart and the lungs. One of the best ways of maintaining cardiovascular health naturally is to abstain from smoking.

  • Control hypertension:

    A high blood pressure can be damaging for your heart. Hypertension decreases the elasticity of the vessels which can result in a fall in the flow of oxygen to the heart. If you suffer from hypertension, consult your doctor and follow his/her advice.

  • Maintain healthy body weight:

    Obesity may not have a direct impact on the heart but could be the underlying reason for a variety of diseases that affect the heart. Being heavier than the ideal body weight can lead to high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure. Exercise and eat healthy to keep the body weight in check.

  • Manage cholesterol levels:

    High cholesterol levels can silently affect your heart. High cholesterol leads to blockage of arteries and vessels can be a serious issue for the heart. Managing cholesterol is critical for maintaining your healthy heart.


The heart can be called the engine of the body. If the body is a car, maintaining cardiovascular health is akin to the regular oiling and servicing of the vehicle. Along with maintaining your healthy heart, it is also important to have adequate protection for it. With the ABSLI CritiShield Plan, you can protect your savings from heart ailments. The ABSLI CritiShiled Plan covers several types of cardiovascular & kidney ailments so that you do not have to worry about finances in the event of a disease.

ABSLI CritiShield Plan (UIN: 109N104V02) is a traditional non participating health insurance plan.


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