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How does a critical illness insurance plan benefit me?

Most people go through life in a contented haze: they have good jobs, their children are doing well in school, and they have good savings and a bright future. On the face of it, there is nothing much to worry about. Then something happens to shake their world to its foundations.

Picture this: You go to the doctor with a complaint about an unknown pain in your body. Your doctor runs a few tests on you and asks you to get an MRI. Once the test results are in, you get the shock of your life – you have developed a very serious disease. You are faced with the prospect of immediate surgery and months of treatment. Apart from the shock of the news, you are also aware that you don't have sufficient funds to cover this much treatment and medication. Though your savings looked robust till this point, they will be woefully inadequate in the face of sustained treatment.

It is often said the best time to worry about money is when you have plenty of it. This is certainly true about our health. It is when one is healthy that one needs to worry about future diseases and plan for them. A major aspect of this planning must be devoted to taking a good health insurance plan with a critical illness insurance component included in it.

Healthcare costs have skyrocketed in India in recent years. Just a single round of visiting a doctor and undergoing a few tests can take away thousands of rupees from your budget. This cost is multiplied many times over when one is hospitalized and operated upon. If one has not planned to meet the eventuality of serious illness with critical illness insurance, it will result in one's entire savings being wiped out forever. Many people are also unable to take treatment because they lack the funds. Hence, it is imperative to take a health insurance policy that includes critical illness coverage.

If you are looking to purchase such a health plan, we recommend considering the Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance (ABSLI) Critical Illness Rider. Under this rider, you can get 100% of the sum assured if case of cancer, heart attack, stroke or major organ transplant operation.

The ABSLI critical illness rider comes into play when the policy holder suffers from a first heart attack of specified severity or cancer of specified severity, apart from permanent disability or illness resulting from a stroke or the need to undergo an organ transplant or bone marrow transplant. Using this medical insurance plan can help save the policy holder from the exorbitant costs of healthcare and prolonged treatment. With the ABSLI Critical Illness Rider, the policy holder only needs to worry about regaining his health, not about the state of his finances.

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