Insurance Policy Document


Insurance policy document is proof of insurance. It is a formal legal document that is used as a legal binding for the insurance contract. The policy document is the evidence of the insurance contract and contains all the terms and conditions.


Insurance policy document is a reference document that contains all information regarding cover, insured, insurance company, premium paid, risk covered, and sum assured. The document is issued by the insurance company to outline their terms on which the document is issued. Apart from the conditions, a policy also confirms the receipt of the premium payment.

The policy document will include a proposal form submitted by the insured, first premium receipt, any endorsements, and the policy schedule. Policyholders can refer to all of these in case they are planning to file for a claim.

If the insured loses the original policy document, a written request must be placed with the insurance company to avoid any frauds. In case of claim, the insured can place the intimation to the insurer using the policy document.


Aisha received her policy document from the XYZ Insurance Company Ltd. The policy document contained information of the policy term, policy sum assured, insured, premium paid, etc.