Guaranteed Survival Benefits


Guaranteed Survival Benefits are the benefits given to the policyholder only on surviving during or the complete policy term.


It implies that a survival benefit is paid only if all the premiums are paid, and the insured has survived the premium payment term.

The survival benefits are usually paid under the Money Back Policies. If the insured passes away during the policy tenure, the nominee will be entitled to receive the death benefit. These survival benefits are paid out as periodic payments. Guaranteed Survival benefits can be an extra source of income as it is money received during the policy term. The benefit is risk-free since they are guaranteed and pre-determined.


Ashok took a savings plan with a policy term of 25 years. The premium payment term under the policy is 15 years. At the end of the premium payment term, the policy will provide survival benefits under the policy. However, Ashok will get a maturity benefit at the end of the policy term, different from the survival benefit.