Critical Illness Rider


Critical Illness Rider is an additional cover that can be added to the base life insurance policy by paying an additional premium. A lump sum is paid under the rider cover if the life insured is diagnosed with critical illnesses as defined in the policy.


The critical illness rider protects against life-threatening diseases like cancer, tumour, heart ailments, kidney failure, etc. and protects your savings. The rider cover also provides financial protection to the family in difficult times.

The rider cover is applicable after a waiting period of 90 days. The insured should survive for 30 days after the critical illness diagnosis for the claim to be paid. Critical illness rider does not cover you for pre-existing diseases, participating in war, riots, attempting suicide or self-inflicted injuries, or participating in criminal activities.


Rahul purchased a term plan for Rs.1 crore with a critical illness rider cover of Rs.50 lakhs. During the policy term, Rahul was diagnosed with major stage cancer. The insurance company paid him the critical illness rider cover sum assured of Rs.50 lakhs.