Age at Entry


Age at entry is when the insured purchases the policy or enters into a policy contract. The entry age is mentioned in the insurance product brochure. This age can vary depending upon the policy.


Entry age specifies the age at which cover starts. In general, the entry age in any insurance policy is an extensive range, i.e. 30 days to 65 years. This might differ from one insurance policy to another.Age at entry defines the eligibility for entering into any insurance contract.

Age at entry is critical while calculating premiums for any life insurance policy. Entry age is very important to calculate the years after which the maturity proceeds will be paid back to the insured depending on the policy term chosen.


Example 1: Miss Sonia purchased a life insurance policy at age of 30. Her age at entry here would be 30 years. She is saving money for daughter’s marriage who will turn five this year. She wants the money when her daughter turns 25. She will receive the maturity proceeds at the age of 50 with a policy term of 20 years.

Example 2: Mr Rahul plans to purchase a term insurance policy at seventeen. He meets the insurance sales representative. After a discussion with him, he found that he could buy term insurance only when he turned 18. For Rahul, the age at entry for a term plan should be 18 years.