When and How to Begin Your Financial Investments?

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The share of term policies to total business doubled to about 5-7% in 2015, mainly due to the increasing popularity of online policy sales. If you are planning to buy a term plan, you must use the term insurance premium calculator available online in order to determine the most affordable premium amount.

On the other hand, if you are yet to start investing and are wondering when would the right time be to do so, read on. You should start investing as soon as you start earning, whether it is a full time job or you are freelancing with studies. As you move ahead in life, financial responsibilities are only going to getting bigger. Therefore, the earlier you start, the better off you are!

3 Must Have Financial Instruments in Your Investment Portfolio

Once you have decided to invest your money, the next question is where to invest? Given below are a few instruments that you can consider:

  • Life Insurance: One of the first financial products that you must invest in is a life insurance policy. It ensures the financial security of the people who depend on you. You can consider the Birla Sun Life Protector Plus Plan which is a term plan offering increasing and level cover options. It is a pure product and offers a high cover at a low cost. You can also buy riders for additional protection. Some of the riders that you can consider are accidental death and disability, critical illness, hospital care and surgical care. You can also use the term plan premium calculator available online to determine the amount of premium you must pay each month for a certain sum assured and term.
  • Mutual Funds: You can consider parking your surplus money in mutual funds to earn higher returns. There are various types of funds depending on the type of security they invest in and the risk involved. Unlike stock market investments that require your continuous time and attention, mutual funds are professionally managed by experienced fund managers and most of your investment decisions are taken by them.
  • Retirement Plan: The earlier you start saving, the earlier you can build a sufficient corpus to retire peacefully. You can go for one of the custom retirement plans offered by life insurance companies.

Now that you aware of the when and how of investment, you can start immediately by buying a life insurance policy. You can buy one online within minutes. All you have to do is to calculate your premium with the help of a premium calculator, upload your KYC documents, pay the price and you are done.


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Savings Products

ABSLI Assured Income Plus

Invest for a short term, get guaranteed returns for a long term. UIN 109N127V05

  • Guaranteed3 returns on your investment
  • Long term regular income
  • Tax Benefits1

ABSLI Savings Plan

Get life cover and build a substantial corpus to ensure a secure financial future for your loved ones. UIN: 109N088V02

  • Additional Sum Assured on accidental death
  • Bonuses2 to boost your savings
  • Guaranteed3 Additions

ABSLI Vision LifeIncome Plan

Get life cover till the age of 100 as well as an assured income to achieve your financial goals UIN: 109N079V05

  • Get flexibility to receive payouts
  • Life cover till age 100 years
  • Minimum entry age is 30 days

ABSLI Guaranteed Milestone Plan

Guarantee your family’s happiness with life insurance and a savings corpus that fulfils their needs. UIN: 109N106V10

  • Fully guaranteed benefits3
  • Guaranteed3 Additions to boost your corpus
  • Sum Assured of 15 times the annual premium

ABSLI SecurePlus Plan

Secure your finances with life insurance cover and the advantage of a second income stream UIN:109N102V05

  • Flexibility in selecting annual premium
  • Flexibility to choose the Income Benefits
  • Inbuilt Accidental Death Benefit

ABSLI Vision MoneyBack Plus Plan

Pay-outs at regular intervals, coupled with life protection, help you to achieve your life goals. UIN: 109N093V04

  • Financial protection of your family
  • Regular payouts
  • Tax Benefits1

ABSLI Vision LifeSecure Plan

Ensure long-term financial security for your family with this savings-focused life insurance plan. UIN: 109N087V04

  • Life Cover till age 100 years
  • Maturity benefit at the end of policy term
  • Regular bonuses2

ABSLI Monthly Income Plan

Enjoy the twin benefits of adequate life cover and a tax-free monthly income till maturity. UIN: 109N122V02

  • Bonuses2 to augment your savings
  • Choice of Level and Increasing Income Benefit Options
  • Monthly income benefit

ABSLI Income Assured Plan

This plan offers life insurance cover and an assured monthly income for you and your family. UIN: 109N089V06

  • Assured monthly income
  • Life cover
  • Tax Benefit1

ABSLI Vision Endowment Plus Plan

This plan pays out regular bonuses and offers return of premium at maturity. UIN: 109N092V04

  • Accrued regular bonuses2
  • Choice of 2 death benefit options
  • Minimum entry age is 30 days

ABSLI Jeevan Bachat Plan

Get triple advantage of life cover, guaranteed returns and tax benefits. UIN: 109N107V03

  • Guaranteed3 benefits on death or maturity
  • Inbuilt accidental death benefit
  • No medical tests

ABSLI Assured FlexiSavings Plan

Unlock the flexibility to withdraw and lock in guaranteed returns along with a life cover. UIN 109N126V03

  • Guaranteed3 returns on your investment
  • Flexibility of unlimited withdrawals
  • Tax Benefits1

ABSLI Vision LifeIncome Plus Plan

Get guaranteed regular income, cash-in-hand even while paying premiums PLUS life cover up to a maximum of age 100 UIN: 109N131V01

  • *Guaranteed regular income for a period you choose
  • Option to get cash-in-hand even while paying premiums
  • Life cover up to a maximum of age 100

ABSLI Assured Savings Plan

Get life insurance cover and savings benefits to safeguard your family members incase of financial crisis (UIN: 109N134V03)

  • Guaranteed3 benefits on death or maturity
  • Loyalty Additions that boost your maturity corpus year on year
  • Multiple policy & premium payment term options

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