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What is Health Plan?

Health Insurance is a type of insurance that partially or fully covers the medical or surgical expenses of an individual. All the medical, hospital and surgery bills and costs are borne by the insurer. Know the premium to be paid against your plan with Health Insurance Calculator.

Why do you need Health Plan?

Health insurance plans might seem unnecessary but they are one of the most important financial backup one requires in these times where everything is uncertain. The medical cost of certain surgeries is expensive and might be a burden on your family. Here are main reasons why individuals might need one:

  • Medical treatments are a fiscal burden on the family but health insurance enables one to have enough.

  • Uninsured people may receive less medical care due to lack of funds. They are also prone to more risks as they do not have access to regular medical checkups.

  • It protects one's family through unexpected, unforeseen health-related financial requirements.

Health Plans By ABSLI

ABSLI Cancer Shield Plan

The word cancer can strike fear into anybody's mind. Simply because this life-threatening disease not only adversely impacts the body but also puts one's financial health under tremendous strain. With rapidly changing lifestyles, the risk of cancer is growing at an alarming rate in India. And the best way to fight cancer... KNOW MORE

ABSLI CritiShield Plan

In today's time Cardiac and Renal illnesses are on rise due to eating habits, change in life style and everyday stress. Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance Co. Ltd. introduces Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance CritiShield Plan that protects your savings and lifestyle against... KNOW MORE

  • Reimburses medical expenses:

    Generally, if you don't receive treatment from the hospital within the insurer’s chain then you might have to consider the option of reimbursement. This releases you from the financial burden of the huge medical bills.

  • Lumpsum payment for critical illness:

    Most of the insurers generally provide a lumpsum amount if the insured is critically ill or has acquired any form of major disease. The amount received can be used for major surgeries, transplants etc. The premium amount for the policy is also waived off if the insured person is critically ill.

  • Tax benefit:

    While protecting your life under health insurance, saving tax might not be your priority but certainly enables you to save the extra pennies. Under section 80D one can get a deduction of ₹25,000 if you pay for your parents who are not senior citizens but the amount may go to ₹30,000 if your parents are senior citizens.

How does Health Insurance work?

The mathematics involved with health plan is simple and hassle free. A health plan covers all your medical and hospital expenses. It is always better to be safe than sorry. So, it is wise to secure your health in an hour of need.

Here is simple way in which this policy works:

If you buy a health insurance policy from XYZ insurer and have an instance where you get hospitalized, then if the hospital is within the insurer’s network you are entitled to get cashless treatment. However, if the hospital is not within the network then you need to submit the documents related to the treatment and thus the insuring company reimburses the amount.

There is ample number of options in the market and it might seem tough to choose one plan that is a perfect match to your needs. It is mandatory to consider the following factors before you narrow down on one plan.

  • Ratings:

    It is always better to check the ratings of a particular policy you choose to narrow down upon. The customer and industry expert ratings might help you get a proper insight.

  • Network:

    It is always wise to choose the health policy that has a widest network of hospitals and doctors. This ensures that you get the best of services and can be covered at any place you receive medical aid from.

  • Complete coverage:

    Always opt for the policies that do not have sub-limits or co-payments as this would ensure that you get complete coverage.

  • Sum assured:

    Pick the policy that offers a wide range of sum insured amount because it enables you to get the best medical treatment.

In these modern times where there are ample options for everything and anything, it is difficult to choose one thing of your choice. Health insurance plan is one of the things that have plenty of options and variations.

  • Cashless Treatment:

    Each medical insurer has ample number of tie-ups with a lot of hospitals, nursing homes and doctors across the country. These are called as ‘empanelled hospitals’. If you get medical aid and assistance from these hospitals then all you need to do is mention your policy number and the insurer pays for the hospital expenses. However, if your expenditure goes beyond the sub-limit or marked as ‘not covered’ then you would have to settle it with the hospital. Cashless mediclaim is not available if the hospital is not within the network of the insurance company.

  • Ambulance Fee:

    The ambulance charges are neglected and thus need to be taken into consideration while you zero down upon one health protection plan. No claim bonus: There could be times when you do not need the cover amount. During such instances the insurer rewards the insured with either an increment in the sum assured or a discount in the premium at the time of renewal of the policy.

  • Medical check-up:

    The insured person is bound to get regular medical checkups. One could be entitled to get a free medical checkup if he/she has a good history of no claim bonus.

  • Coverage of pre and post-hospitalization expenses:

    This factor helps the insured receive the pre and post-hospitalization charges that are related to the disease/sickness. All the charges right from the beginning to the discharge can be covered under the insurance.

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Why choose ABSLI?

Claim Settlement Ratio

It is often said that higher the claim settlement ratio, better it is. ABSLI has an astounding claim settlement ratio of 97.54%.

Strong legacy

Aditya Birla Capital is one of the most trusted brands & its joint venture with Sun Life Insurance has gained accolades in the industry with the name Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance.

Simple & need based products

ABSLI aims to make savings and living easier for each individual. So, each product has been made in accordance with the basic and simple needs of every customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions


While both terms are often used interchangeably but are different. Mediclaim limits itself in particular to the hospitalization expenses whereas health insurance is more complete as it offers an all inclusive cover that extends further than hospitalization.


There is no specific age to buy health insurance for oneself but the minimum age must be 18 years.


Certain health plans do allow for addition of family members under the same health plan. Pl refer to the product brochure of the particular health plan you may be considering.