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Investment for Child Future

There is a plethora of investment options available that can help you secure your child’s future. Here’s a list that can ease the selection process.

Planning for the long-term and short-term needs of your child is not an easy task. However, a variety of investment options available today have made the process a simple task of selecting the right solution.

Elaborated below are some of the options you can use to secure your child's future:
Term Insurance
A term insurance policy provides coverage for a fixed time period. Some insurance companies even offer plans that insure both you and your child. A few other companies give you the flexibility of customising your child's insurance policy based on his individual needs. With such plans, you can ensure that your child remains protected throughout his growing years.
Child ULIPs
Child Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) combine the aspects of insurance with investment. These plans give you the choice of investing in a variety of mutual funds like equity, debt or balanced. You can hence customise your investments according to your child's needs. You can use different Child ULIPs to meet different long-term goals related to your child like education, marriage, etc.
Mutual Funds
Mutual funds invest your money in a variety of options like shares, bonds, etc. These funds are managed by professionals, and are considered less risky than investing directly in the share market. In the long-term, a well managed fund has the potential to provide good returns, which can help you secure your child's future. Most of these funds are open-ended, so you can withdraw money whenever your child needs it.
Fixed Deposits
Additionally, you can also invest in fixed deposits. When you invest in these deposits, your money is locked for a fixed period and you earn interest on your investment. You can use fixed deposits to meet short-term goals related to your child like schooling, extra curricular activities, etc.
It's high time you started investing in the best plan for your child. After all, it's only you who can fulfill your beloved child's dreams.
 • Select the term of an insurance plan based on your child's long-term and short-term needs
 • Before investing in any child insurance policy, decide on the amount of coverage required
 • In case you are unsure of which mutual fund to invest in, consult your financial planner