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If smoking is your thing, then this is something you should buy too

There are many negatives about smoking, and it is a life-threatening habit. Buy term insurance while you try to kick the butt.

At the outset, let it be established that there is nothing good about smoking. On the contrary, it creates severe health problems for the smoker. With every successive cigarette, the lungs are coated in tar and the nicotine dulls all the senses. It suppresses appetite, leading to weight loss. Soon, the smoker develops respiratory and throat problems, while falling ill often. Thus, there are several negative impacts of smoking.

However, the habit is extremely addictive and smokers find it difficult to quit. Some smokers quit only when they are diagnosed with throat or lung cancer! Everybody knows that smoking reduces a person's life span and results in serious diseases. Thus, smoking is an open invitation to disease and death.

If you are a smoker…

  • Quit smoking today. Every cigarette reduces the years of your life. This means that you end up reducing the time you can spend with your loved ones.
  • Smoking endangers other people as well. The smoke from cigarettes is inhaled by others in your vicinity. This secondary smoke is as dangerous as the smoke you inhale, so your loved ones and friends are also in danger of developing several diseases.
  • While trying to kick the habit, it is important to follow a doctor's advice on quitting. Some people try to quit abruptly, but this approach may not work. Instead, phasing out gradually will help the body better cope with the lack of nicotine.
  • If you are concerned that your poor health will result in your premature passing, take proactive steps today. Invest in a good term plan in your name that will provide your loved ones with a large sum of money in the unfortunate event of your demise.
  • Term plan insurance can be taken by every person that makes an income in India. However, smokers and those with pre-existing illnesses have to pay a higher premium than others when taking the plan.
The features of term plans in India
Term insurance does not have a maturity benefit, only a death benefit. Hence, you cannot get back the premiums that you have paid.

Using a term plan calculator, you can find the sum assured and premium payable. This is a good tool to use when you do not wish to spend too much money on premiums. Term plans in India normally benefit those looking for high coverage amount at a low premium payment.