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Life is stressful, but taking life insurance helps

Birla Sun Life insurance plans help keep your financial goals on track and protect your loved ones from future uncertainty.

When everything else is uncertain in life, there is just one bedrock on which one may base one's future. The future brings with it challenges and problems and one may not always be equipped to deal with them in the best possible way. Besides, one may have no control over what the future will bring; but one may exercise a reasonable amount of control over how to tackle future uncertainties.

Birla Sun Life Insurance (BSLI) brings you four excellent life insurance policies that perform a gamut of functions. These are term insurance plans that offer high returns on the payment of reasonably priced premiums. Plus, they offer the policy holder the opportunity to get increasing sum assured, without a corresponding increase in premium payments!

The BSLI Protector Plus Plan offers a veritable safety net for your family's future needs, while the Future Grand Plan returns all the premiums paid when the policy matures. Meanwhile, the Easy Protect Plan offers low premium payments and rewards you for having a healthy lifestyle. Lastly, the Protect @Ease plan provides a high sum assured of Rs 5 crore.

What are the benefits of taking life insurance plans?

Realise future goals:
Your life insurance policy offers up a large corpus when it matures. Since you are conversant with the maturity tenure, you can plan your future goals in line with the policy maturity date. In fact, some people buy life insurance online to coincide with major life events. For example, a 35-year-old man taking a life insurance policy for 20 years will get a large sum of money just in time for his child's wedding.
Your loved ones are protected in your absence.
In the unfortunate event of your demise before the life insurance plan matures, your family is taken care of by the insurance money. All future financial insecurity is eliminated with life insurance, since the death benefits are passed on to your family to use as it deems fit.
It creates security for retirement.
The biggest fear of those nearing retirement is that they do not have sufficient financial capital stored away for use in their old age. A lack of resources after retirement forces many senior citizens to depend on children or other relatives. However, life insurance plans maturing in time for retirement hold senior citizens in good stead.
Finance your personal hobbies.
At the start of one's career, a person may postpone his passions and hobbies to earn income for the family. But the desire to indulge one's passion full time does not really go away with time. A life plan that matures in a few years can provide at least the basic starting capital for a person looking for an alternative career at a middle age.

There are many obvious benefits of buying life insurance plans in India, but very few actually take the first step towards taking life insurance. Living without life insurance today can make your loved ones vulnerable to future financial insecurity. Besides, your family will be left to depend on other people for daily sustenance in your absence.