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Types of Riders in Life Insurance

Riders allow you to add more to an insurance policy and make it more comprehensive. But which riders should you buy? Read on to know more.

Better coverage, lower premiums, longer tenure or more benefits? Which should you choose while buying an insurance policy? Thanks to riders, you can have all these benefits combined into one single policy.

The right type of riders can modify and customise your insurance policy as per your  needs. Different riders have different benefits. For instance, some riders allow you to extend the tenure of your existing policy without actually cancelling it or buying a new one.
Here's throwing light on various types of riders and how you can use them to your advantage.
Accidental Death Rider
In case of the unfortunate death of the policy holder due to an accident, an accidental death rider can come to the dependant's rescue. In case of such an event happening, the nominee receives the sum assured, ensuring that the dependants are financially protected.
Critical Illness Rider
With rising medical costs, undergoing a treatment can burn a hole in the pocket. A critical illness rider can support you financailly in times of such uncertainty. Through this rider, you can safeguard your family from the cost of major illnesses like heart attack, cancer, stroke or a major organ trasnplant.
Waiver of Premium Rider
Unfortunate incidents happen unannounced and some may even cause disability. In situations such as these, paying premiums in the future can become difficult. However, with a waiver of premium rider, your future payments are waived off in case of disability, providing added protection to your family.
Now that you know some of the riders available, all you have to do is choose the ones that are the most suitable to your needs.
Tip: Please choose a rider based on your and your family's needs