Pension Plan

Pension Plan or Retirement Plan is a life insurance product for safe and comfortable life after retirement. Pension assists in managing expenses when your active income stops. Retirement plans provide investment opportunities to accumulate your savings over a period of time and offer you a steady income after retirement. This ensures your post-retirement life to be comfortable and worry-free.

Retirement Plans for 2022

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What is a Pension Plan?

Pension plans are insurance-led investment plans designed to cater to post-retirement financial needs. The policy aims to provide you with sufficient financial security so that you can live without compromising your lifestyle when your active income stops. The pension plan provides you with regular income/ lump-sum benefits after retirement. The income will help you manage medical and living expenses in spite of rising inflation and high cost of living.

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What is Pension Plan

Importance of Pension Plan

Planning for retirement is a must considering the current cost of living and the rising inflation. A perfect planning and wise investment in a pension plan can ensure an independent and comfortable retired life. Because retirement plans offer regular income after your retirement, and this can cover multiple expenses like medical bills, going on vacation, pursuing hobbies, starting a new venture among others. It secures your future and makes you financially independent in the golden years of your life. This is important for the following reasons:

Importance of Pension Plan
Plan for long-retired life
The life expectancy in India is rising. As per the study, the average life expectancy of a person at age 60 is nearly 18 years,(Source) which is a long period with no active income. So planning in advance for financial stability in these years after your retirement is essential. When should you start planning?- Today! Because the longer you invest in a pension plan, the higher is the corpus amount you can save. Investing in a retirement policy when you are young is always recommended.
Importance of Pension Plan
Medical Expenses
In life after retirement, unforeseen medical expenses may arise.. The cost of healthcare facilities is rising in India. This is why planning for it in advance with a retirement plan is important. When you invest in a retirement plan, you can build a huge corpus over a period of time and this fund can help you manage any sudden medical emergency in your retirement life.
Importance of Pension Plan
Live life on your terms:
When you save money you are confident and live with peace that you will not have to ask for money from anyone. Savings are a valuable asset in life. With a pension plan, you can invest and save for the future to not compromise the quality of your life after retirement.
Importance of Pension Plan
Loan repayment:
If after retirement you are loaded with the responsibility of loan repayment, the pension plan can help you do so. Suppose you bought a car 5 years before you were to retire. The loan installments for the car were still pending. With a pension plan, you could manage the expense.
Importance of Pension Plan
Increasing inflation:
Inflation can have a negative influence on post-retirement financial life. Because the prices of consumer goods and services may rise above your expectation. In such a case, you have to compromise with the lifestyle after retirement as your regular income stops. But, a retirement policy can help you avoid such challenges.
Benefits of Pension Plan
A pension plan is to secure your life financially after retirement. The insurance policy gives you a good opportunity to invest and grow your money for the post-retirement life.
Benefits of Pension Plan
Accumulate Wealth:
Regular and disciplined investment in the pension plan helps you to build huge funds in the long run. With the sizable corpus, you will be able to maintain your lifestyle and live your retired life on your own terms.
Benefits of Pension Plan
Safety net for unexpected events:
The pension plan helps you build a safety net for unexpected events. It provides financial support in case of any illness or permanent disability.
Benefits of Pension Plan
Guaranteed Regular Income for Life:
With a pension plan you can feel financially independent and receive a pension for life.
Benefits of Pension Plan
Building financial security for the unfortunate events:
In case of any unfortunate event, the pension plan pays your nominee the lump sum. It helps to secure the financial future of your family.
Benefits of Pension Plan
Financial Independence:
Pension plans help you remain independent even after you retire. You do not have to rely on others for any requirement post-retirement life.
Benefits of Pension Plan
With a pension plan, you can leave behind a legacy for your family. You can build a sizable corpus to maintain your lifestyle.
Benefits of Pension Plan
Tax benefits:
Buying a pension plan makes you eligible for income tax benefits under sections 80CCC^ and 10(10A). You can enjoy tax deductions up to Rs.1.5 lakhs via investing in a retirement plan.
Our Pension Plans
ABSLI Guaranteed Annuity Plus
ABSLI Guaranteed Annuity Plus
Multiple annuity options, Regular income stream.
ABSLI Saral Pension Plan
Guaranteed lifelong income
ABSLI Saral Pension Plan
Top-up option for annuity
ABSLI Saral Pension Plan
Single Life/Joint Life cover option
ABSLI Saral Pension Plan
Deferred annuity option
Get Annual Annuity:
ABSLI Empower Pension Plan
ABSLI Empower Pension Plan
Unit-Linked Pension Plan, lump sum on maturity.
ABSLI Saral Pension Plan
2 plan options
ABSLI Saral Pension Plan
Guaranteed Additions
ABSLI Saral Pension Plan
Financial protection for your family
ABSLI Saral Pension Plan
Maximum Vesting Age 80 years
Get Fund value:
₹13.57 lakh
Give Premium:
₹1 lakh6
ABSLI Saral Pension Plan
ABSLI Saral Pension
Single premium. Guaranteed regular income for lifetime
ABSLI Saral Pension Plan
Financial Security for family
ABSLI Saral Pension Plan
No medical tests
ABSLI Saral Pension Plan
Single Life/Joint Life Annuity
ABSLI Saral Pension Plan
Choice of multiple payout option
Get Annual Annuity:
ABSLI Empower Pension – SP Plan
ABSLI Empower Pension – SP Plan
Single premium Unit Linked Pension Plan
ABSLI Saral Pension Plan
Guaranteed Additions
ABSLI Saral Pension Plan
Flexible Investment Option
ABSLI Saral Pension Plan
Single premium amount option
ABSLI Saral Pension Plan
Vesting benefit as per plan option chosen
Single Premium:
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Why buy Pension Plan from ABSLI?
The pension plan from ABSLI is designed to help you plan your life after retirement easily. A pension plan is an insurance policy that allows you to save money for post-retirement needs like medical care, pursuing hobbies, etc. The policy provides you with life protection and helps you accumulate wealth to maintain your lifestyle. You can buy a pension plan from Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance as:
Benefits of Pension Plan
Easy method to purchase:
ABSLI offers comfort to its clients in buying the policies. The process to complete the purchase of the policy can be easily done with the help of advisors. You can fill up the lead form and advisor helps you to purchase the policy.
Benefits of Pension Plan
High Claim Settlement Ratio:
Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance has registered a high claim settlement ratio of 98.08%¹ for FY21-22. As a responsible insurer, we provide you with a sense of security to keep your family protected.
Benefits of Pension Plan
Types of plans:
Under the pension plan, we provide individuals to choose from four plan types. After evaluating the requirements and the conditions, you can pick the type of policy they want. We offer 4 types of plans: ABSLI Saral Pension Plan, ABSLI Guaranteed Annuity Plus, ABSLI Empower Pension Plan, and ABSLI Empower Pension Plan-SP.
Benefits of Pension Plan
Easy Claim Settlement Process:
The team at ABSLI works hard to offer a quick and hassle-free claim settlement process. Policyholders can file their claim both online and at the branch office.
Benefits of Pension Plan
Low Turnaround Time (TAT):
Average claim settlement time post receiving all the claim documents/ requirements will be 5.7 days² for individual business.
Benefits of Pension Plan
Presence across the country:
We have 363 physical offices across India. You can walk in anytime and meet our representatives regarding new and existing policies.

Features of Pension Plan

Pension plan provides you with a stable monthly income post-retirement. The plan is a way to save funds for your future and maintain a lifestyle the way you want it.

Importance of Pension Plan
Entry Age:
The sooner you start the better it is. The power of compounding gives your wealth exponential growth. This is why when you start early, you get more years to save that gives you higher returns . The entry age is as low as 25 years. For example, you are 25 years old and you want to retire when you turn 45. You purchased ABSLI Empower Pension with Single Premium Rs.100000/-. After 20 years of accumulation period, you get a fund value of Rs.41,45,795⁹/-. But, suppose if you buy the same plan when you are 35 and retire at the same age 45 years, you will get the fund value of Rs.13,57,294¹⁰/-. This explains starting early with a pension plan is better. More years of cover means more returns due to the power of compounding.
Importance of Pension Plan
Guaranteed Pension:
With a pension plan you get a fixed and steady income after retiring. Use a retirement calculator to know how much money you would need after retiring
Importance of Pension Plan
Vesting Age:
Vesting age is the time when you can choose to receive pension income. It can be immediately or deferred (later date).
Importance of Pension Plan
Partial Withdrawal:
Plans allow partial withdrawal even during the accumulation stage.
Importance of Pension Plan
Premium Payment Frequency:
The pension plan provides you the flexibility to pay premiums either monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. There are policies with a single premium payment option as well.
Importance of Pension Plan
Accumulation Period:
It refers to the time when you purchase the pension plan until you retire. You will have to pay the premium regularly during the accumulation period.

Types of Retirement Plans

Retirement plans, also called pension plans, are designed to create an inflow of income for your golden retirement years. Most of these plans offer the combined benefit of insurance and savings.
Providing a regular source of income, these plans help you live your second innings confidently, without having to depend on others financially. Investing in a pension plan is always recommended whether you are salaried or self-employed. Here is a list of retirement plans that are available in the market.

Retirement Types
Deferred Annuity
  • Receive a pre-decided pension once you reach a specific age
  • Through systematic or single premium payment, you get to accumulate a big amount, which is then used to create annuities
  • Once the accumulation period is over, you start receiving the annuity on a monthly / quarterly / semi-annually or yearly basis
  • No taxation unless you withdraw any money or start receiving the annuity
Retirement Types
Immediate Annuity
  • In exchange for a lump sum investment, you would receive a regular inflow of income instantly
  • In case of death of the annuitant, the nominee can receive the pension
  • Here, the principal is exempted from taxation, and only the interest is taxable
  • Only when you receive the principal amount in full, the payments will be taxable
Retirement Types
Joint Life
  • A suitable option for married couples
  • In case of death of the primary annuitant, the pension does not stop
  • The annuity continues at a pre-decided interval till either of the annuitants is alive
  • Such plans ensure that even after an unfortunate incident, the spouse will be financially secure
Retirement Types
Unit Linked Retirement Plans
  • Also called Pension ULIPs, these plans are offered by insurance companies
  • A great option if you want a long-term retirement plan that would build up a retirement fund along with life coverage
  • Unit-linked pension plans, just like ULIPs, come with a 5-year lock-in period
  • Premiums paid towards the plan are eligible for tax exemption
Retirement Types
Annuity Certain
  • Annuity Certain is a pension plan that provides regular income for a specific period
  • You can choose the tenure of income to be received
  • In case the annuitant passes away before the income tenure ends, the remaining amount is provided to the nominee
Retirement Types
Senior Citizen Saving Scheme (SCSS)
  • This pension plan is specially designed for the senior citizens above the age of 60
  • Up to ₹15 lakh can be invested in this scheme which provides regular quarterly income
  • The scheme is regulated by the central government and ensures a stable interest rate
Retirement Types
Guaranteed Period Annuity
  • As the name suggests, the guaranteed period Annuity refers to the guaranteed monthly income
  • The regular annuity is given for a certain period like 5, 20, 15, or 20 years despite the life of the policyholder
Retirement Types
Life Annuity
  • A life annuity is a pension plan that provides regular monthly income till the life of the policyholder
  • However, the plan offers the policyholder's choice to add "with spouse". If chosen, the spouse continues to receive the pension even after the death of the policyholder
Retirement Types
Whole Life ULIPs
  • Whole Life ULIPs lets the policyholder invest throughout their life and make partial withdrawals
  • The partial withdrawal is tax-free
  • The policyholder is allowed to make additional withdrawals as and when needed

Who should buy a Pension Plan?

Buy a pension plan to create a huge fund and enjoy regular monthly/annual income when you are retired. The pension plan develops a habit of disciplined savings to handle the uncertainties in life. Like you buy a monthly ration and use it wisely in portions so that you use it for days more than in a month. Similarly, with your monthly income, saving for your retirement can prepare you financially for life post-retirement. These people should buy a pension plan:

Importance of Pension Plan
Self Employed:
Individuals who are self-employed should look for a pension plan to make their retirement safe. A pension plan will help them get monthly income when the regular income stops.
Importance of Pension Plan
Working professionals:
If you are in a job and know that your monthly income will continue only till you are employed, you must buy a pension plan. The pension plan will allow you to receive regular income even after retirement.
Importance of Pension Plan
If you are a parent to one or more than one child, savings will be difficult for you. All your life you will have to save and spend for your and your children’s education/marriage. To prepare for a hassle-free retirement, it is important that you buy a pension plan.
Importance of Pension Plan
Individuals looking for tax exemptions can buy a pension plan. The premium you pay towards the pension plan is eligible for tax deductions under Section 80CCC^ of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
How does a Pension Plan works?
Under a pension plan, you contribute a portion of your income as a premium in every payment frequency. The premium payment can be done regularly or in single pay. The investments that you make on a regular basis create a huge fund of money over a period of time. This fund starts paying you when the vesting period (the age when you decide to receive the pension money) starts. The pension plan provides steady and fixed income after retirement.

Let us understand with an example. Rahul is 35 years old today and plans to retire when he turns 60 years. His monthly income is Rs.40,000/- and his monthly expenses are Rs.20,000/-.In such a scenario, considering the current savings as Rs.0 and the rate of return be 6%, a total retirement fund of Rs.85.25 lakhs will be needed. For that Rahul will have to save approximately Rs.12,000 for the next 25 years**.
What’s covered under the Pension Plan offered by ABSLI?
A pension plan offered by ABSLI helps you manage expenses post-retirement years like vacations, pursuing a hobby, daily life, etc. The policy can cover for:
Benefits of Pension Plan
The pension plan provides the nominee return of purchase price after the death of the life insured. The return of purchase price is the value of the investment corpus at the end of the accumulation phase which was used to purchase the annuity. The insurance policy provides a death benefit to the nominee after the life insured passes away during the policy term.
Benefits of Pension Plan
Regular Income:
The life insured gets a regular amount of income on a regular basis after retirement from work. Depending on the tenure of the policy payout, you will receive the annuity or pension.

Factors that affect Pension Plan premium

A pension plan premium is dependent on these factors:

Importance of Pension Plan
The premium for pension plans is less when you are young. When young, you can put in more money as the responsibilities are less. The life risk is also low. Hence, the insurance premium is less.
Importance of Pension Plan
Annuity Amount:
The amount of annuity you wish to receive after retirement will affect the premium you have to pay under the pension plan.
Importance of Pension Plan
Premium payment term:
The amount of premium payable will also depend on the years you want to pay the premium.
Importance of Pension Plan
Policy Term:
Policy Term is another factor that affects the premium under the pension plan. The longer the policy tenure, higher will be the benefit at the end of the pension plan.
Why start early for Retirement Planning?
The Sooner you start with retirement planning, you get the opportunity to get life cover and save for a large policy tenure and you can build a bigger retirement corpus. Here are the reasons why you should start early with pension planning:
Benefits of Pension Plan
Safeguard your assets:
With a pension plan, you can have a safe retirement life in terms of financial stability. In case otherwise, you might have to liquidate your assets like your car or house when a financial emergency crawls into your post-retirement life. Starting with retirement policy early in life, you can accumulate a sizable fund over a period of time which ensures to assist you in managing any financial emergency with ease.
Benefits of Pension Plan
The factor of compounding:
When you start early with the pension plan, you happen to accumulate more because your money gets more time to grow. The interest earned on the investment also starts to generate return easily. It helps to grow your fund/savings at a rapid pace. Let’s suppose you have a plan to retire at 60. You started investing Rs 1 lakh per annum in ABSLI Empower Pension Plan at the age of 40. By the time you retire, you will be able to accumulate Rs. 41.45 lakh** at a fund value rate of 8%. However if you had done the same investment at the age of 30, your retirement fund would rise to Rs. 97.84 lakh## considering the same fund value. Starting just 10 years early will result in more than double the retirement fund. Amazing right! That is the power of compounding.
Benefits of Pension Plan
Tax saving:
Thinking to save money as soon as you start earning when young? Buying a pension plan helps you save tax also under Section 80CCC³ of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Every year you can save up to Rs 1.5 lakhs under tax deductions with the retirement policy. So if you start retirement planning at an early age of 25 and invest till you turn 60; you will happen to save tax for 35 years and the amount you can save tax on is more than Rs 52 lakhs.
Benefits of Pension Plan
The cost of living is increasing and is expected to continue rising. Managing daily expenses in your retired life will get difficult without financial security. This is why you must own a pension plan as soon as you can. The sooner you start, the more you save. Let’s understand this with an example. Rahul is 35 years old and he wants to retire at 60. His monthly income is Rs. 50,000 and his monthly spend is Rs. 30,000. As a retiree, his monthly expenses could increase to 81.34K~~ due to inflation. Considering the zero current savings of Rahul, he needs to build a fund of Rs. 1.2 Crore to retire comfortably. For which he needs to invest nearly Rs. 15,000 on monthly basis for the next 25 years till he reaches the age of 60. You can use our retirement calculator to know how much money you will be needing in your retirement years and choose a suitable pension plan.
Benefits of Pension Plan
Investment Flexibility:
A few retirement plans are unit-linked which implies that the money you pay is invested into the capital markets. When you start at an early age you may have a higher risk appetite and you can choose an aggressive risk profile that can result in higher returns. However, you can choose your risk profile as aggressive, moderate, or conservative at the inception of the policy.
Benefits of Pension Plan
Better returns than conventional savings:
Traditional ways of building huge funds of savings have been through depositing money in banks. Instead of that, you can start to invest in an early pension plan for higher returns along with the in-built life cover benefit.
Tips to Choose a Pension Plan
Buying a pension plan is an important life decision. If your current lifestyle is satisfying and you wish to continue living similarly, you must purchase a pension plan. The plan provides you with a income to receive the benefits after retirement. Before choosing a pension plan, these are the tips you must note.
Benefits of Pension Plan
Buy early:
When you invest early in a pension plan, your money gets more time to grow. This results in a substantial retirement corpus. In simple words, if you invest in a retirement policy in your 30s, then you will enjoy a bigger return amount as compared to starting the investment in your 40s.
Benefits of Pension Plan
Know the corpus you want to build:
When you know the amount of money you will require after retirement, it becomes easy for you to buy the best pension plan. Considering factors like post retirement financial needs, how many dependents you may have after retirement, the inflation rate, and how much money you already have saved; you can calculate the corpus amount. For ease, you can use our interactive retirement calculator and figure out the amount you need after retirement to be financially stable.
Benefits of Pension Plan
Type of plan:
Requirement of pension will rule the selection of the plan type. If you need a pension immediately after retirement, you can select an immediate retirement annuity plan. But if you want to receive the pension after a few years, you can go for a deferred annuity. Please keep in mind that payable premiums will differ according to the plan option you choose.
Benefits of Pension Plan
Pension amount needed:
The monthly pension required after retirement varies from person to person due to lifestyle differences. The investment required to avail a pension amount of Rs. 10,000 is less as compared to availing a pension amount of Rs. 30,000. Having a clear vision of your monthly spending after your retirement will help you in signing for the most suitable retirement plan. Do not forget to count in the inflation factor!
Benefits of Pension Plan
Premium Payment Period:
Buying a pension plan is just the beginning. Paying every premium on time to keep the policy in force is the journey you need to make through. Then only the finish line of enjoying a stress-free retirement life can be achieved. Hence choosing the premium paying term as per your paying capacity is crucial.
Benefits of Pension Plan
Don’t just look for tax benefits:
Note that investing in the pension plans only with the intent to save tax is not the right approach. Though the pension plan helps you save income tax, on the broader aspect it enables you to take care of your financial needs for a stress-free life post retirement.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about pension plans and explore how it will benefit you.

Pension plan is also synonymously called a retirement plan. The insurance policy helps you to accumulate your savings over a long period of time. With a pension plan you can manage the uncertainties of life when your income reduces. A retirement plan requires the policyholder to pay a specific amount on a regular basis until it is time for retirement.
To decide the amount of money you will need for your retirement, you will have to consider the current annual income and the lifestyle you want to live when you retire. In general experts say that you should have a retirement income 80% of pre-retirement earnings. Suppose you are 35 years old today and plan to retire when you turn 60 years. Your monthly income is Rs.40,000/- and monthly expenses are Rs.20,000/-.In such a scenario, considering your current savings is Rs.0 and rate of return be 6%, you would need a total retirement fund of Rs.85.25 lakhs. For that you will have to save approximately Rs.12,000 for the next 25 years**.
Before buying a retirement plan, you must keep in mind these things:
  • Buy Early: Start early so that you save more for your retirement. Kicking off early with a retirement plan means that you have more time to save and invest to create a large corpus of money.
  • Type of Plan: Buy the retirement plan based on your requirements. If you need money immediately, go for an immediate annuity plan but if the requirement arises for a number of years later, then you must buy a deferred annuity.
  • Know the Amount of your Future Requirement: Consider your liabilities that are unavoidable especially after retirement and then decide the corpus you want to build.
  • Pension Amount Needed: Decide the pension amount and then start planning the savings amount keeping in account the inflation rate also.
  • Premium Payment Period:Check the premium payment period also and see whether you will be able to afford the premium for the duration or not.
  • Don’t just buy for tax savings:Retirement insurance is not just for tax-savings but is to meet your future requirements.
If the life insured dies before retirement, the nominee will receive the benefit as specified under the plan. The money in your pension is not lost. The benefit of pension will depend on the policy terms and conditions, plans, duration, premium, and other factors as specified at the inception of the policy. It is better to clarify the same with ABSLI .
Understand the fact that the cost of living, healthcare, and other facilities is rising. Keeping these factors in mind you can say sooner you start saving, more you will have for retired life. As you age, the working capacity reduces and the financial power decreases. To plan for a worry-free retirement, it is advisable you start early so that you have to save smaller amounts from your income while the total retirement fund can be huge.
The premium amount for most of the retirement plans is decided by the insurer according to the plan you choose. Various factors like age, lifestyle play a major role in deciding the premium amount. Premium is the amount of money you pay to get the benefit of insurance cover.
Annuity is the lump sum investment made by an individual in a retirement plan to receive regular payments.
A single premium pension plan is an insurance policy in which the policyholder pays the lump sum premium in exchange of the guaranteed benefit.
Yes, you can . However, note that retirement plans are long-term commitments which require premium payment for a certain period of time. If you have enough income to do so, you can opt for more than one pension plan. If not, it’s advisable to stick to one or two plans at the most.
If you surrender your pension plan before maturity, the entire sum received is added to your income and taxed as per the applicable tax rates. Apart from this, you will have to pay back the exemption which you have availed on the premiums paid till date. Also, you will lose out on other benefits, including life cover from your policy.
No, the retirement plans are not taxable. But any withdrawal made can be taxable.
In a participating pension scheme, the insurer shares the profits made in the form of bonuses and dividends. This is not the case with a non-participating scheme.
Premiums paid towards pension plans qualify for tax benefits¹ under section 80CCC of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Death claim proceeds are exempt for taxes in the hands of the nominee and annuity received is taxed as per the existing tax slab.
1 Tax benefits are subject to changes in the tax laws. You are advised to consult your tax advisor for the same
It’s the date from which you start receiving pension as regular income from your retirement pension plan.
You should buy a pension plan to secure your retirement. A pension plan helps you spend your retired life without worries as you receive a regular income. An in-built life cover offers your dependents a financial cushion in your absence. Pension plans:
  • Provide you a stable income post retirement.
  • Help you as a financial security in case your savings are short at the time of emergencies.
  • Helps you meet future requirements of money keeping current inflation of 4.91% in mind.
The main feature of a retirement plan is the steady and fixed income that it offers that helps you take care of your post-retired needs and aids in providing a stress-free retired life.
Broadly there are two types of annuity pension plans – immediate and deferred. In immediate annuity, you start receiving pension immediately after investing while in deferred annuity, you receive pension after a few years.
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  • Disclaimer

    1 As per annual audited figures submitted to IRDAI for the period FY 21-22
    2 As per annual audited figures submitted to IRDAI for the period FY 21-22
    3 Tax benefits are subject to changes in tax laws. Kindly consult your financial advisor for more detail.
    **The premium paying term will be 25 years in case you are 35 years and want to retire when 60. Current earnings Rs.40,000 per month and expenses Rs.20,000 per month.
    4 ABSLI Saral Pension Plan, Healthy male 40 years, Single Pay: Premium Paying Term, Annual Payout Frequency: Annual, Policy Term: Whole Life, Single Purchase Price Rs.2,50,000/-, You get annual annuity of Rs.13,809/-.
    5 ABSLI Guaranteed Annuity Plus, age 45 years, healthy male, Annuity Option:1-Life Annuity, Annual Payout Frequency: Annual, Policy Term: Whole Life, Single purchase price of Rs.7,69,150, you get annual annuity of Rs.50,913/-
    6 ABSLI Empower Pension Plan, age 40 year healthy male, Policy term is 10 years, Accumulation period is 10 years, basic premium is Rs.100000/-, Plan Option: Assured, Payment frequency: Annual, Return@8% fund value.
    7 ABSLI Empower Pension SP Plan, age 40 years, Policy term 10 years, accumulation period 10 years, Single premium Rs.1,00,000/-, Fund Value: Rs.1,78,366/-@8% returns.
    8 Source:,in%20the%20past%20few%20years.
    ^Tax rate applied as per the existing laws. Consult your tax advisor for the same.
    9 ABSLI Empower Pension -SP Plan, single premium Rs.100000/-, age 25 years, policy term 10 years, accumulation period 20 years. Returns Rs.41,45,795 @8% fund value.
    10 ABSLI Empower Pension Plan, age 35, accumulation period 10 years, policy term 10 years, fund value @8% Rs.13,57,294/-
    An extra premium may be charged as per our then existing underwriting guidelines for substandard lives, smokers or people having hazardous occupations etc.
    ABSLI Empower Pension Plan is a non-participating unit linked life insurance pension plan (UIN: 109L078V02).
    ABSLI Empower Pension Plan SP is a non-participating unit linked life insurance pension plan (UIN: 109L094V02).
    ABSLI Saral Pension Plan is a Non-Linked Non-Participating Single Premium Individual Immediate Annuity Plan (UIN: 109N130V01).
    ABSLI Guaranteed Annuity Plus Plan is a Non-Linked, Non-Participating, General Annuity Plan (UIN: 109N132V04).