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NRI Solutions

With the world shrinking and work opportunities opening all over the world, it is to be expected that several Indians choose to migrate to foreign countries for work purposes. Living and working abroad has some tangible advantages, like an increased income and often a better lifestyle and standard of living.

And yet, while one may live and work abroad, one has family and loved ones back home in India. These precious persons must be cared for, wherever in the world one may be. Though one is physically elsewhere, one may certainly safeguard the family's interests back home.

Tapping this need, Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance offers an excellent solution via its Vision LifeIncome Plan. This is an NRI solutions that provides valuable life coverage and survival benefits every year from the end of the premium paying term to maturity date. Thus, your family is financially secured while providing you with enough fiscal impetus to realise all your personal goals.

NOTE :The option of including Riders as add on benefits is not provided for policies issued to NRI customers.