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BSLI Vision Plan 1

A plan that gives you a guaranteed amount  on the date of your choice and also provides you a whole life cover for a limited pay period

You have always wanted a plan that enables you to meet your financial goals and also gives you financial security over your entire lifetime. Presenting BSLI Vision - a plan that gives you a lump sum payout on the date of your choice and a life cover up to the age of 100 years. What's more, you only pay premiums for a limited number of years while you enjoy your life cover up to the age of 100 years.
This plan offers you:

​• Payout on the date of your choice
• Whole Life Cover
• Options to enhance your protection

How BSLI Vision plan works:
1. You choose the Sum Assured which is the amount of life insurance cover up to the age of 100 years.
2. You choose a Guaranteed Survival Benefit (GSB) Term based on the number of years after which you would like to receive your payout. This term is also the accumulation phase of your plan, i.e. the number years for which you would have to pay premiums.
3. You choose from our range of riders, to enhance the financial security of your family.
Plan Summary
Entry Age (age last birthday)
1 to 65 years
Policy Term
Whole Life to Age 100
Minimum Sum Assured
Rs. 1,00,000
GSB Term
5 to 35 years
Minimum GSB Term
Attained Age at GSB Term is 18 years or more
Maximum GSB Term
Attained Age at GSB Term is 75 years or less
Premium Paying Term
Regular Pay during the GSB Term
Insurance Dictionary
Premium: The periodic payments made to acquire the insurance and maturity benefits
Policy Term: Total benefit tenure of the policy
Policy Surrender: Voluntary closure of policy before completion of policy term
Maturity Benefit: The final amount which the customer receives at the end of policy term
Rider: Additional protection for an extra premium on the base policy
Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. Tax benefits are subject to changes in tax laws. All terms & conditions are guaranteed throughout the policy term, except for the Monthly Addition Rate which will vary from policy year to policy year depending on prevailing economic conditions. For more details on risk factors , terms & conditions , please read sales brochure carefully before concluding the sale’. Regd. Office: One Indiabulls Centre Tower 1, 15th & 16th Floor, Jupiter Mill Compound, 841, Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road, Mumbai 400013. Reg No. 109 Unique No.: 109N068V01 ADV/12/10-11/4381 Version No.: VER 1 / Dec / 2010
Unique No.: 109N068V01