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  • Accident Benefit

    Provies for payment of an additional benefit equal to the sum sum assured in instalments on permanent total disability and waiver of subsequent premiums payable under the policy.

  • Annuity Plans

    These plans provide for a "pension" ( or a mix of a lumpsum amount and a pension ) to be paid to the policy holder or his spouse. In the event of death of both of them during the policy period, a lumpsum amount is provided for the next of kin.

  • Beneficiary

    The person(s) or entity(ies) (e.g. corporation, trust, etc.) named in the policy as the recipient of insurance proceeds upon the death of the insured.

  • Business Insurance

    A policy which primarily provides coverage of benefits to a business as contrasted to an individual. It is issued to indemnify a business for the loss of services of a key employee or a partner who becomes disabled.

  • Child Plan

    Child insurance plan helps parents secure their child's future. Insuring your child's future is a necessity in today's uncertain world. This policy enables parents to provide financial stability to their young ones during key milestones of life, be it in their presence or absence.

  • Children Future

    Your child brings you unceasing joy, and your entire life is focused towards helping your child realize his every ambition. You work tirelessly to help your child realize his every dream and every life goal…and a major part of your life is dedicated to ensuring that you have the financial wherewithal to meet future expenses for your child.

  • Data

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  • insurance policy

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  • journal

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  • Policy Tenure

    There is no fixed policy tenure for this policy but the policy has a maturity date i.e. when the child turns 18. Thus, the policy term needs to be decided according to your child's age.

  • Quarterly complience

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