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What is Term Insurance Plan

Term life insurance is the most basic form of life insurance, which covers your life for a fixed term. Here’s more information.

How much insurance do you require?

Ever estimated the value of your life? How much life insurance do you think is enough to protect the financial needs of your loved ones?

Is term insurance an investment or expense?

Many Indians consider term life insurance to be an unnecessary expense. However, it is an important component of your investment portfolio.

Things to Consider Before Buying Term Insurance

Planning to buy a term life insurance policy?

What are riders? Why do I need these riders?

Riders are a way to customise your insurance plan to your needs.

Types of Riders in Life Insurance

Riders allow you to add more to an insurance policy and make it more comprehensive. But which riders should you buy? Read on to know more.

Learning curve

Over the last few years we have witnessed how food prices have risen dramatically.

Life is stressful, but taking life insurance helps

Birla Sun Life insurance plans help keep your financial goals on track and protect your loved ones from future uncertainty.

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