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​A plan that gives you the freedom to choose how your money is invested and also gives you the option to enhance the financial security for your loved ones
Classic Endowment.jpg

While you save to ensure your family's financial security, you wish for a plan that also offers you the flexibility to manage your savings as per your unique requirements. Presenting the BSLI Classic Endowment Plan - a plan that lets you channel your savings to our range of ten investment funds, to suit your investment needs, and also provides financial protection for your family.
This plan offers you:

• Choice of Policy Term and Pay Term
• Flexibility of directing your savings to 10 investment funds, as per your risk appetite
• Enhanced financial security for your loved ones

How BSLI Classic Endowment Plan works:
1.     You select your Policy Term from our options of 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 years.
2.     You select the Basic Premium you wish to p