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A whole life plan that allows you to choose how your money is invested to create your retirement corpus while providing you the option to enhance the financial protection to your loved ones

While you work hard towards achieving your ambitions, you also wish to save for a comfortable retirement. And you want a plan that gives you the flexibility to manage your savings. Presenting the BSLI Classic Life Plan - a plan that gives you complete control over your investments by directing your premiums to our range of 10 Investment Funds along with a range of rider options to give your family the security of financial protection.
This plan offers you:
  • Flexibility of directing your savings in 10 Investment Funds, as per risk appetite
  • Choice of Pay Term
  • Whole life cover
  • Enhanced financial security for your loved ones
How BSLI Classic Life Plan works:
1. You select the Savings Date that suits your retirement goals.
2. You select the Basic Premium you want to pay every year.
3. You will receive Basic Sum Assured which is the minimum death benefit payable on the demise of the life insured. The Basic Sum Assured is automatically determined as your Basic Premium multiplied by:
 · The higher of 10 or the number of years to attain age 70 divided by 2, for entry ages below 45; or
 · The higher of 7 or the number of years to attain age 70 divided by 4, for entry ages 45 and above
4. You select the number of years you want to pay your premiums, and select your Pay Term from option of 5-Pay / 10-Pay / 15-Pay / 20-Pay / To Savings Date.
5. You have the option to choose Enhanced Sum Assured to increase the financial security for your loved ones. This increases your life cover over and above the Basic Sum Assured at a nominal cost.
6. You have the option to choose from our range of riders and customise the security of your family's financial future. 
Self-Managed Option - The flexibility to direct your savings in our range of 10 funds
The Self-Managed Option gives you complete access to invest your premiums in our well established suite of 10 Investment Funds, ranging from 100% debt to 100% equity. You also enjoy full freedom to switch from one Investment Fund to another, as per your changing requirements.
  • Choose from our range of 10 Investment Funds, to suit your risk appetite
  • Allocate your savings in the proportion of your choice
  • Change your allocations as per your changing requirements
Plan Summary
Policy Term
Whole life
Entry Age
18 to 45 years
18 to 50 years
18 to 55 years
18 to 60 years
Savings Date
To age 55
To age 60
To age 65
To age 70
Basic Premium
Minimum Rs. 25,000 p.a. if paid annually
Minimum Rs. 30,000 p.a. if paid monthly, quarterly or semi-annually
Pay Term
Short pay – 5, 10, 15, 20 years
To Savings Date
Premium Payment Frequency
Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually or Annually
Top-up Premium
Minimum Rs. 5,000
Enhanced Sum Assured
Minimum Rs. 50,000, subject to maximum of 30 years to Savings Date
The premium paid in unit linked life insurance policies are subject to investment risk associated with capital markets and the unit price of the units may go up or down based on the performance of investment fund and factors influencing the capital market and the policyholder is responsible for his/her decisions. Tax benefits are subject to changes in the tax laws. Insurance is the subject matter of the solicitation. Birla Sun Life Insurance - BSLI Classic Life Plan - are only the names of the Company and Policy respectively and do not in any way indicate their quality, future prospects or returns. Investment risk in investment portfolio is the borne by the policyholder. For more details on risk factors , terms & conditions , please read sales brochure carefully before concluding the sale’. Regd. Office: One Indiabulls Centre, Tower 1, 16th floor, Jupiter Mill Compound, 841, Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road, Mumbai - 400 013. Reg No. 109
Unique No.: 109L067V01