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A whole life health plan without medical tests that covers your hospitalization expenses and helps you save to fund regular medical expenses

Based on your choices, you will receive a host of benefits as below:

1.     Health Insurance Benefit: You can claim this benefit in case of Hospitalisation and/or Critical Illness during the health insurance benefit term.
a. For hospitalisation beyond 48 hours, you will receive a specified amount upto a maximum of Rs.8,000 per day, depending on the nature of treatment involved.
b. For one of the four covered critical illnesses (Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer and Major Organ Transplant), you will receive a lump sum equal to Rs.20,000 x the policy year in which the illness occurs (e.g. if illness occurs in 3rd policy year, you receive Rs.20,000 x 3 = Rs.60,000).
Your health insurance benefit is fixed at Rs.10 lakhs for the health insurance benefit term. For further details on the Health Insurance Benefit, please contact your financial advisor or refer to the product brochure.


2.      Health Reimbursement Benefit: To take care of your future health & medical related expenses, your policy premium is used to create a unit-linked fund. You can use this benefit to claim reimbursement of expenses such as dental treatment, pathology & diagnostic expenses, doctor’s fees etc. This reimbursement is free of charge 4 times a year, after completion of 5 policy years. Even after completion of your health insurance benefit term, you can continue to claim reimbursement of expenses to the extent of your Fund Value balance. All you have to do is provide us bills of expenses made to get the amount reimbursed.

3.     Guaranteed Additions: Your Fund Value will be boosted with Guaranteed Additions at the end of the health insurance benefit term, if all premiums are paid.
For details, please contact your financial advisor or refer to the product brochure.
4.     Terminal Illness and Death Benefit: In the unfortunate event of a terminal illness or condition, you can claim the full Fund Value without submission of bills. In the unfortunate event of death, the nominee will receive the Fund Value.
5.     Current Tax Benefits: Under Section 80D, premium amount up to Rs. 15,000 (Rs. 20,000 for senior citizens) per year is allowed as deduction from your taxable income each year.
This is a non-participating unit linked health plan. The premium paid in Unit Linked Life Insurance policies are subject to investment risks associated with capital markets and the NAVs of the units may go up or down based on the performance of the fund and factors influencing the capital market and the insured is responsible for his or her decision. Tax benefits are subject to changes in the tax laws. Insurance is the subject matter of the solicitation. Birla Sun Life Insurance - BSLI Saral Health Plan - are only the names of the Company and Policy respectively and do not in any way indicate their quality, future prospects or returns. Investment risk in investment portfolio is the borne by the policy holder. For more details on risk factors , terms & conditions , please read sales brochure carefully before concluding the sale’. Regd. Office: One Indiabulls Centre, Tower 1, 16th floor, Jupiter Mill Compound, 841, Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road, Mumbai - 400 013. Reg No. 109
Unique No.: 109L048V01