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A plan that boosts your investment with regular returns every year and protects your child’s future by continuing the policy even in the unfortunate event of your demise
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Like any responsible and loving parent, you want only the best for your child. While you save regularly to provide the best of education, shouldn't you also be able secure your child's bright future from any unforeseen circumstance? Presenting BSLI Bachat (Child) Plan - a plan that secures your child's future even in the event of an untimely demise of the life insured.
BSLI Bachat (Child) Plan - A step-by-step savings plan
The BSLI Bachat (Child) Plan secures your child's future by helping you build funds through regular savings. In the event of an untimely demise of the life insured, BSLI will pay all remaining premiums so that your policy continues. Also, your savings will continue to grow through the term of the policy.

• Grow your regular savings
• Policy continuance
• Safety and liquidity
• Tax savings 

How BSLI Bachat (Child) Plan works:
In addition, you pay a Policy Continuation Premium to ensure continuation of the policy till maturity in case of death of the life insured during the policy term.
Policy Continuation Premium (fixed additional premium)
Entry Age
13 to 40
41 to 50
Sum Assured
180 x MBP
120 x MBP
Once you have chosen your premium amount, you receive a series of benefits as follows:
1. You will get a life cover for the financial security of your family.
2. You stand to receive premium rebates for choosing annual and semi-annual mode of payment. You get a rebate of 4% if you choose to pay annually, and 2% for semi-annually.
3. Your policy continues till maturity, as you planned to secure your child's future in case of an untimely demise.
4. On maturity, you will receive a lump sum which you can use to fulfill your child's dreams and goals.
5. You have the advantage of liquidity on your savings to access your money any time you need it after three policy years.
6. You have the option of double life cover in case of accidental death, for a nominal additional premium, to ensure enhanced financial security of your family
Plan Summary
Entry Age - Grand / Parent - Child
18 - 50 years - 30 days to 17 years
Policy Term
20 years
Premium Pay Term
20 years
Monthly Base Premium
Rs. 400 - Rs. 3,000
Sum Assured
Up to 180 times Monthly Base Premium
Premium Payment Frequency
Annual, Semi-annual, Quarterly and Monthly
Entry Age
13 to 40
41 to 50
Sum Assured
180 x MBP
120 x MBP

With BSLI Bachat (Child) Plan, by saving as little as Rs. 400 per month. you can build a corpus through regular systematic savings and secure your child's future under all circumstances

Insurance is the subject matter of the solicitation. This is a non-participating traditional insurance savings plan. All terms & conditions are guaranteed throughout the policy term except for the Bachat Addition Rate which will vary from year to year and be declared by BSLI on April 1st of every calendar year. For more details on risk factors , terms & conditions , please read sales brochure carefully before concluding the sale’. Tax benefits are subject to changes in tax laws. Regd. Office: One Indiabulls Centre, Tower 1, 16th floor, Jupiter Mill Compound, 841, Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road, Mumbai - 400 013. Reg No. 109 Unique No.: 109N58V01 TRA / 7 / 10-11 / 4065 Version No.: VER 1/July/2010
Unique No.: 109N058V01