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Madan, a hardworking & earnest man, had never thought that he would have to undergo a by-pass and as a consequence, let go of his job. His job was the only thing that gave him true satisfaction and joy. His boss knows that too. When he visits Madan in the hospital, and finds out that destiny has taken away Madan's only source of income, and the job that he loved, he decides to come to the rescue. He takes control and quite generously offers Madan's son, Suraj, his father's job. While Madan's boss has stepped in to change the course of destiny and make things go his way, Madan politely refuses the offer. Destiny can't make the choices for him, and it can't make choices for his family either. He is determined to let his son follow his dreams and choose his own life without letting destiny come in the way. His heart won't let Suraj's heart's desires remain unfulfilled. He looks destiny in the eye and says, "My son doesn't have to learn how to fix appointments for someone else. The only thing he should be learning, is to give appointments." This moment, makes a new beginning. This is now our way of life.